Client Reveal ~ Kids' Bathroom

Project: Bathroom Renovation

Cleints: 10-year-old & 7-year-old brother and sister (and their parents!)

Challenge: Design a durable space that will appeal to the kids now, but also 10 years from now

Their story: My clients have been in their house about 10 years, and this high-traffic bathroom was starting to show some wear and tear. The white cabinets had turned yellow, there were 3 paint color swatches on the wall that they had tested months ago, and they wanted to find the space to switch the single vanity to a double.

They already had, and liked, a vintage surf themed shower curtain, so we decided to keep that and use it as the inspiration for the design.

surfboard shower curtain, Chesterfield, VA

Here are the before photos:

Kids’ Bathroom - Before, Chesterfield, VA

And the after:

Kids’ Bathroom, Chesterfield, VA

Although the shower curtain was the inspiration, throughout the design process, we made sure the selections were universal enough to still work when the kids are ready to change out the shower curtain. It’s fine to have a theme - especially for kids’ spaces - but when choosing fixed elements (flooring, tile, cabinets), I usually recommend options that are neutral enough to still coordinate as the decorative elements change. (In this case ‘neutral’ doesn’t necessarily mean strictly browns and greys. Neutral can mean different things to different people. This family loves blue and fell in love with this blue accent tile. To them, the tile is a ‘neutral’.)

To help the clients visualize the room, I created this mood board for them with the elements of the room.

Kids’ Bathroom Mood Board, Chesterfield, VA

Clockwise, starting at the top-left:

  • Accent Tile: around the sink and in the shower

  • Quartz Countertop

  • Vanity Light Fixture

  • Luxury Vinyl Plank, wood-look flooring

  • Reclaimed Wood Mirror

Tile is a standard flooring option for bathrooms, but LVP (Luxury Vinyl Plank) is becoming more and more popular as well. In this bathroom, the wood-look LVP gives a warm, neutral base to the space (and there are no grout lines to clean!).

Luxury Vinyl Plank wood-look flooring

Working our way up in the bathroom, the vanity is white, with brushed nickel hardware (knobs on the doors and pulls on the drawers). For the countertop, we chose a white, speckled quartz - durable enough to hold up to the everyday use of what two tweens can subject it to ;)! It was hard to capture it in the photos, but this quartz even had some tiny blue specks in it!

white quartz countertop & blue tile backsplash, bathroom countertop

Reclaimed wood mirrors were the perfect touch to top off the vanity area. Mirrors are one of the elements in a bathroom that I like to have fun with - they can add a lot of personality to the space, but can easily be switched out (or painted) in a few years if you want a change.

blue and white kids’ bathroom, Chesterfield, VA

The blue accent tile was the favorite element of the project, so we wanted to make sure it would be seen! We decided to use it as an accent strip in the shower/tub area, and also around the vanity.

Blue accent tile in a shower, Chesterfield, VA

And here is another cute detail in the space (that can easily be changed in a few years!)

tiki shower curtain rings

Bathroom renovations are not easy, but this one was definitely worth it to my clients - they now have a more functional bathroom that fits the personalities of both kids. (And, that doesn’t have multiple paint colors on the wall ;)!)

One more time, the before:

Kids’ bathroom - before, Chesterfield, VA

And the after!

blue and white kids’ bathroom, Chesterfield, VA
Cathy Green Interiors, Richmond, VA

Client Reveal ~ Richmond Living Room

Can a flea market find inspire a whole room?  It sure can!  Continue reading to find out how I created a family-friendly living room that all started with this rug.

Navy and Red oriental rug

My clients for this project are the sweetest family and were super fun to work with!  The husband found this rug at a flea market in Atlanta shortly after college for less than $100!  Yes, you read that right - less than $100!  (It is a hand-knotted oriental wool rug.  Rugs of this quality usually sell for a much higher price!)  The rug has traveled with them from apartments, to condos, to houses, from Charleston, SC to Richmond, VA.  It surely has witnessed many memories and has many stories to tell.  It is truly a Story Piece, and I think with their updated living room, it will continue it's life with this family for many more years to come.

Richmond Living Room

When they first moved in to the house 4 years ago, we selected the paint color - Sherwin Williams Sleepy Blue 6225 - to coordinate perfectly with the rug.  Using the rug as the inspiration piece and the blue walls as a backdrop, we moved forward with an 'updated, family-friendly room' as the end goal.  They have two young daughters and needed a space that would endure sticky hands, but that would also feel grown-up enough to entertain and socialize with family and friends. 

grey sofa

They wanted to keep the sofa neutral, so we selected a grey sofa to anchor the room.  We were able to find the perfect grey that has just the right amount of a blue undertone in order for it to tie into the rug and walls.  The straight lines and tufted back cushions give the sofa a modern vibe.

grey sofa & blue pillows

Once the sofa fabric was selected, we moved on to the other fabrics in the room.  For truly personalized chairs and custom pillows, we selected a mix of geometric patterns - some with soft lines, and some more linear - that reflect the family's personalities.

navy blue arm chair

I love the shape of this arm chair - the curved arms, the deep seat, and the angular legs!  It has a mid-century vibe to it, and the navy geometric print layered with the sunburst pillows are a perfect pair.


We mixed and matched shapes and finishes for the side tables, coffee table, lamps, and other accessories in the room.  The geometric detail on this chest not only adds detail to the chest itself, but it also gives a nod to the other geometric patterns in the room.

bone coffee table

The round coffee table, a round side table, and the round mirror above the mantel all help to soften the rectangular shape and other straight lines in the room.

Richmond living room

Gone are the days of having to use only one finish in a room (i.e. all brushed nickel).  A variety of finishes adds depth and interest to any space.  In this living room, we used a combination of gold (lamps and accessories), brass (mirror and window treatment hardware), and iron (legs of the coffee table and round side table, and accessories).  The mix of finishes keeps the eye moving and makes the room feel lived-in and approachable.  In order to keep the room tied together and not have anything feel out of place, I made sure to use each finish more than once.  

Custom Window Treatments

I feel like I'm saving the best for last by giving you the close-up of the custom window treatments.  The soft navy and grey waves on the fabric are the perfect combination of white space, color, and pattern.  And the hardware! - the vintage brass finish and the shape of the French pole are  What a difference it made in the room when they were installed!  These window treatments are one of the personalized elements of the room that make the space feel unique and custom.

Richmond living room

I love the way this living room turned out, and I'm so happy that my clients love it too!  It is the first room one sees when walking into their home, and I was honored to deliver them a space that they are proud to share with their friends and family.  By using the existing rug and layering in a mix of patterns and finishes, this living room has become a functional, beautiful, and meaningful space that tells the story of this lovely family.

Photos by Beth Furgurson Photography

Cathy Green Interiors

Why laminate?

We recently had new countertops installed at our house!

white greek key countertop.jpg

Yes - that is the new countertop, and yes it is laminate!  Why would we install a laminate countertop?  I'll tell you!

Here is a picture of the kitchen from before we moved into the house.


Our master plan for the house includes a complete renovation of the kitchen at some point in the next 5-7 years.  With that in mind, when we moved in two years ago, we decided to have fun with space and paint both the cabinets and the countertops.  For the cabients, we chose Sherwin Williams, Lupine 6810 - a French blue with a hint of periwinkle.  And we painted the countertops white.  Here is a close-up of the cabinet color:

french blue kitchen cabinets.jpg

Why did we paint the countertops? The original countertops were beige with a subtle leaf pattern to it.  The only close-up picture I can find of them is from when we were tearing them out.  

original countertop.jpg

The laminate itself was in decent shape, but the pattern?  Well, let's just say it wasn't our style!  We had other expenses during our move-in (you know, like adding a water heater, replacing plumbing, and gutting two bathrooms!), so at the time, we needed a quick and inexpensive fix.  After exploring a few other options, we decided to go ahead and paint them.

The paint was fine for a while, but over the past two years of wear and tear, it had started to stain and chip, and they were looking pretty shabby.  I actually don't have a picture of this phase, but trust me, they were bad!

With our long-term renovation plan in mind, we did not want to invest in any type of stone countertop, so we decided to stick with laminate.  

french blue kitchen.jpg

We wanted to keep the blue cabinets, so I needed to find something that would work with both the cabinet color and the beige tile floor.  The tile, while mostly neutral, actually does have the slightest hint of pink to it.

white countertop beige tile floor.jpg

We knew we didn't want:

  • a stone-look laminate
  • to add in another color to the mix

When looking at samples, there were a few things that didn't work:

  • anything too grey
  • anything too beige (trying to match the floor was impossible)

Taking all of that into consideration, we decided to stick with a true white background.  Eliminating anything that looked like stone or marble, we were only left with a few options.  We certainly could have gone with a solid white, but...anyone who knows me, knows that if there is a more unique option, that's what I'll go for!  

Andrew is the cook in our family, and at this point in the process I think he was just ready to not have to look at a stained and chipped countertop.  So, he agreed to the Greek key, and we were ready to go!  (The pattern is Formica 9498-58, but it's actually discontinued now!  I think we put our order in right before it was discontinued.)

french blue kitchen2.jpg

The Greek key pattern is very subtle, but adds a touch of fun and funkiness to the space.  They are durable and easy to keep clean, and there is no maintenance or resealing for laminate countertops. 

french blue kitchen3.jpg

With this upgrade, I have started to think about other additions and finishing touches we could do to the kitchen until we're ready for the full renovation - some sort of backsplash? a window treatment?  We'll see!

When we moved, we brought the lantern from our old kitchen with us, so whatever I do, I'll have the Greek key of the countertops and the quaterfoil in the lantern to be the guide for the next step!

grey moroccan lantern.jpg

There are so many options for countertops right now (quartz, granite, laminate butcher block, concrete, and more!).  They all have pros and cons ranging from price to durability to ease of maintenance.  If you are considering replacing your countertop (kitchen, bathroom, or somewhere else) and have questions, feel free to reach out and I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

french blue kitchen5.jpg
CGI monogram.png

Client Reveal ~ Farmhouse Porch

When my college roommate's mom called me and asked for help in redoing the outdoor cushions at their family's farmhouse near the river (or should I say 'rivah' ;)! ) I was honored and excited to help with the project.

Jess on her wedding day in front of the farmHouse!                                                                  Beth furgurson photography

Jess on her wedding day in front of the farmHouse!                                                                 Beth furgurson photography

Jess and I were randomly paired together as roommates our freshman year of college, and ended up living together for all four years.  We have stayed close friends, been in each other's weddings, and gotten to know each other's families.  Their farmhouse is on the Northern Neck of Virginia, and I have enjoyed fun weekends with her family there.  The house has a rich history to it and holds many family memories within it's walls and fields.  This was such a special project for me to be a part of, and I'm excited to share the photos with you!

The stunning cedar lined driveway that leads up to the house.                                              Beth Furgurson photography

The stunning cedar lined driveway that leads up to the house.                                             Beth Furgurson photography

I scoured through every outdoor fabric book and sample to find the perfect color and pattern combination for her.  Jess's mom has a good eye for design and she knows what she likes.  We played with several different options:


But in the end she was drawn to this orange and turquoise color story.

turquoise and orange fabrics.jpg

She wanted fabrics that would feel bright, fresh, and fun!  When working with outdoor fabrics, we also had to check their durability and lightfastness (how many direct sunlight hours they are rated to endure).  Her previous cushions had worn and faded quickly, so we needed fabrics that would be durable and wear well.  As beautiful as these fabrics are, they are all also highly rated and will hold up to many summers of children, grandchildren, and dogs!

Here are a few before pictures of the old cushions.  We had already removed some of them, but you can see how faded they were.  She also had her furniture repainted for a completely fresh look.

outdoor cushions before.jpg
outdoor cushion before.jpg

And here are the bright, fresh, and fun after photos!

proch seating area.jpg

One end of the porch hosts this seating area.  It is right off of the kitchen, so the doors are usually open, and conversation, food, and drinks flow from inside to out and back again.  The old cushions were all the same fabric; for the new cushions, we decided to mix and match the patterns.  Using the orange and turquoise stripe as the main fabric, we highlighted the colors with other accents.  My seamstress, Susan Palmer of Palmer Home Fashions, did a fantastic job with all of the details of the project - from aligning patterns, to custom shaping the cushions, to thinking through the placement of every tie and velcro - so much thought and precision goes into a project like this. 

orange stripe arm chair.jpg

I love the shape on the backs of these armchairs, and how fun to see the white wrought iron scroll design up against the bright stripes!

The glider also lives on this side of the porch.

turquoise glider.jpg

This is a coveted spot for naps and relaxing, so we upgraded to a 4" thick cushion to make it as comfy and inviting as possible.  This turquoise quatrefoil print is so pretty in person, it is really the star of the porch!

turquoise glider2.jpg

And here is a close-up of the pillows.  I love the details we selected for these and how they tie the whole porch together: stripe cording on the orange pillow, and orange cording on the lacy print pillow.

orange & turquoise pillows.jpg

Next to this seating area is a small round table with four hoop dining chairs - a great spot for a quick snack or a competitive card game.

hoop chair dining set.jpg

We continued the flow of the fabrics and also used the stripe fabric on the chairs.  I just loved these little chairs!

hoop dining chair.jpg

There is a large wrought iron dining table and chairs in the middle of the porch.  The dining set got a fresh coat of paint, but we decided to keep those chairs cushion-free for ease of clean-up.  

On the far side of the porch is another small seating area with a sofa and sling-back love seat, and chairs from other areas that often migrate down to this section as well.

porch seating area2.jpg

We selected the orange lacy print with orange cording for the sofa and loveseat, and repeated the turquoise quatrefoil on the throw pillows.  

orange & turquoise sofa.jpg

This was such a fun and special project for me!  The new fabrics have brightened up the space, and I know the family will enjoy all of the time spent together on the porch!

orange & turquoise sofa3.jpg
CGI monogram.jpg

Client Reveal ~ Chesterfield Kitchen

I am so excited to share a new client reveal with you!  My client reached out to me after moving to Richmond from Maryland.  She and her husband wanted to update their new home and make it match their style instead of the style of the previous homeowners.  We decided to start with their kitchen.  She knew she wanted white cabinets, so we created a color story ~ white, green, taupe, & blue ~ and a style that would still work with some of their family pieces.  The end result is a beautiful, fresh, and updated kitchen!

Chesterfield kitchen.jpg

Here is the before:

Chesterfield Kitchen before.JPG

Wow! Can you even believe that is the same space?

Our first step in the renovation process was to select new flooring.  The flooring throughout their main level consisted of three different materials: hardwood (foyer and dining room), tile (kitchen), and carpet (family room).  All of the flooring was showing wear and needed to be replaced.  In order to create a better flow, we selected an engineered hardwood to go in every room on the main level.  We choose the 5" Beckford Oak, color: Bark, from Armstrong (purchased from ProSource).

Chesterfield kitchen & dining.jpg

There are so many options when looking at hardwood flooring: from solid to engineered, hand-scraped to a smooth finish, and light to dark in color. We looked at several of options, and decided on the Beckford Oak for it's color, durability, width, and overall look.  These floors are such a nice, medium-brown color - not too red and not too yellow.  The construction of the engineered hardwood makes them durable and water-safe for kitchen use also.

Chesterfield kitchen countertop fantasy brown2.jpg

While working on the flooring, we were also deciding on countertops and paint colors.  We landed on these amazing countertops - Fantasy Brown Marble, from Artistic Stone Design.  And they are so stunningly beautiful! 

Chesterfield kitchen countertop fantasy brown.jpg

The mix of colors in the Fantasy Brown - soft white, taupes, greys, and soft browns - and the river veining pattern make this countertop the focal point of the kitchen, while also being versitale and timeless.

Chesterfield kitchen2.jpg

For the paint colors, we chose: 

  • Cabinets: Benjamin Moore, Cloud Nine 2144-60 - A soft shade of white - not too bright white and not too creamy.
  • Island: Benjamin Moore, Herb Bouquet 460 - I was determined to find the perfect green for their island, and Herb Bouquet is definitely it!  It complements the Fantasy Brown countertops nicely, while adding a subtle pop of color to the space. 
  • Walls: Sherwin Williams, Agreeable Gray, 7029 - A light greige that is a mix of grey and beige to coordiante with the countertops and the backsplash.

It was hard to capture the texture and beauty of the backsplash, but Beth Furgurson sure knows how to work magic behind the lens!

Chesterfield kitchen backsplash.jpg

The tile is Quintessenza Genesi, color: Tortora, purchased from Mosaic Tile.

The finishing touches in the space are the lighting and the rug under the table and chairs.  Changing out the lighting made such a big difference!  The Tiffany-style lights from the previous owner did not provide a lot of light in the space, and combined with the tile floors and wood cabinets, made the room feel dark.  To brighten up the kitchen, we added recessed lights, 2 pendants over the island, and a brighter chandelier to go over the kitchen table.  The orb light over the table is from Wayfair, and she found the pendant lights on a trip, but these are similar.

Chesterfield kitchen orb light.jpg

We selected a Surya rug to go under the kitchen table that includes all of her kitchen colors, and also incorporates blues that she used in the paint in her dining room (Benjamin Moore, Wedgewood Gray HC-146) and the fabrics in her family room.

Chesterfield kitchen & dining3.jpg

Tackling a kitchen renovation is not an easy project to live through, but my clients are so happy with the beautiful result.  The new colors and updated style feel fresh yet timeless, and the new design still allows them to use pieces they already had - the table and chairs, and a hutch (not pictured).

Once again, the before:

Chesterfield Kitchen before.JPG

And the after!

Chesterfield kitchen & dining.jpg

Thank you so much to my clients for inviting me into their home, and also big thank you to the wonderful team of vendors who helped this project run smoothly!

Want to see more of this project?  Head over to my portfolio page!

CGI monogram.jpg

Baby Boy Green #2's Woodland Nursery

Almost a year ago, Andrew I welcomed Baby Boy Green #2 to the world!

(Photos by Beth Furgurson Photography)

It’s hard to believe it has almost been a year, and I am just now getting to posting his nursery pictures…well, his former nursery!  When you own your own business, have two young boys, and tackle renovating a new house and moving, some things (like the blog) get put on hold.  We moved to a new house back in April, so it makes me a little nostalgic to look back at this pictures.  His new room is similar, but a work in progress, with a few boxes still to be unpacked.

In our old house, we had three bedrooms – two very similar in size, and one tiny room that we used for Boy #1’s nursery.  When we found out I was pregnant, we decided to move Boy #1 to the bigger room, and put the baby in the nursery.  You may remember what the nursery used to look like:

It took a little finagling, but I somehow convinced Andrew that we needed to redo this room.  I think there were phrases like “This is going to be our last nursery that I design”, “It won’t be that much more painting for you”, “Boy #1 needs his nautical theme to go with him to his new room.”  So, that’s what we did – moved Boy #1’s décor to the bigger room with him, and I started to gather new ideas for the nursery.  When I started searching for inspiration last January – mint green was nowhere to be seen.  Now you can’t walk into a store without seeing it on every isle!  I guess I was just ahead of the trend ;).

My jumping off point for the room was these adorable photographs of baby animals from The Animal Print Shop.  I pinned them years ago in hopes of using them for a project someday, and decided that there was no better place for them then our own home!

Once the woodland theme was decided on, I needed a color palette to coordinate with it.  We settled on this tree fabric for the window treatments, and pulled the mint green (Olympic Rolling Hills B62-2) for the top half of the walls from there, and kept it soft with light gray accents.

The dresser was a perfect fit for the space between the wall and the radiator, so we kept it in the room and gave it a fresh coat of paint (Sherwin Williams Passive SW 7064), and Boy #1 got a “new dresser for his new room”!

The reclaimed wood owl is from The Cheeky Nest on Etsy. They were so wonderful to work with and created exactly what I had envisioned!  I made the pennant banner from scraps of fabric after Boy #2 was born.  (He was 3 weeks early, so I had expected to have a little more time to finish his room!)  The two pictures on the wall are his birth announcement, and a name sign with all of his birth information.  The changing pad cover is from Land of Nod.

We kept the door to the closet off of the hinges, and we were able to reuse the gray baskets from Boy #1’s nursery to hold baby blankets, sheets, and toys.

Boy #1’s crib converts to a toddler bed, so we decided to let him keep that one, and found this one off of CraigsList (I think it is this one).  It was in great shape, I loved the straight lines of it, and the storage drawer was an added bonus.  We hung 6 of The Animal Print Shop’s photos over the crib (wolf, raccoon, deer, bear, fox, and porcupine a.k.a “porky-pine” as Boy #1 calls it ;)! ), and added the owl near the door.

Two other things we kept from Boy #1’s version of the room were the wall shelves on either side of the crib and the light fixture.

Oh, Etsy…what did I do before you?!  I wanted a similar mobile to the one we made for Boy #1.  I found Sweet Bauer Knits’ shop and loved her little knitted animals.  It was once again, a delightful experience, and she worked with me to create the animals and colors exactly like I wanted (taupe bear, gray fox, lime green owl, brown hedgehog, soft green bird (behind the fox), and a few acorns).  I added the same felt balls I used with Boy #1’s mobile and put it together on an embroidery hoop wrapped in gray ribbon.

I also found his quilt on Etsy, from Kathryn Audrey Quilts.  I liked the modern feeling the stripes on the front have, and I’ve used the back for all of his monthly pictures.  (The top picture reflects the true colors – I’m still working on my photography skills ;)!)  (Hipster woodland animal month stickers from Camera Ready Shop.)

The view I had every time I walked in the door.

And then this sweet face was there to greet me ;).  He was about 4 months old in these pictures.

It was fun to re-do this room and give it a new look.  It was a tiny little room, but I have such sweet memories of our time in there.  I certainly spent many hours in there with both boys.  I really loved the navy and green version (and it is quite popular on Pinterest with over 26,000 repins!!), but this soft and sweet mint green and gray was also special to me.

I’ve been asked, “What is your approach to design?”  It is an always evolving answer that combines trends, my own personal experiences, and the client's needs and wants, but one thing that stays constant is this: I see the world in color.  Everywhere I go, I notice colors, and patterns, and shapes.  The colors I see are used to influence projects and create new room designs.  With my friends and family, in my head, I assign them a color that is ‘their color’.  It represents who they are, their personality, and what makes them unique.  These two versions of the same room have come to reflect each of our boys’ personalities.  Boy #1 will forever be ‘navy blue’ in my head – rich and bold, strong, and full of depth.  Boy #2 will carry the light green and gray – he is more sensitive and observant, soft and cuddly, yet ready to explore the world as his woodland theme suggests.

Which version is your favorite?

Client Reveal ~ Navy & Red Boy's Room

I am so excited to share this client reveal with you today!  A client contacted me wanting to update her five-year-old's bedroom from his nursery colors and theme, to a big boy room.  She had already purchased this navy and red madras bedding and wanted to use that as the inspiration for the room. madras bedding

Her son loves sports, so she also wanted to incorporate sports themed pictures and art into the room.

Here is the before of his room - light blue walls with off-white furniture:

boys room before

And the after:

navy and red boys bedroom

A huge thank you to Barden's Decorating and Art to Di for for doing an amazing job with the painting and bringing my vision to life.

We kept his existing furniture, but painted it navy blue - Benjamin Moore, Admiral Blue 2065-10 - to give it a fresh look.  (The navy stripe on the wall is also Admiral Blue.)  The mirror and red stripes are Benjamin Moore's Red 2000-10.  The main wall color is Benjamin Moore, Stonington Gray HC-170.

The sports letters are from Frogs and Fairytales on Etsy, and the bulletin boards are from Pottery Barn Kids.

navy and red boys bedroom dresser

To bring the sports theme into the room, we selected these four sports prints on canvas from Mural Max on Etsy.  The light switch cover is also from Frogs and Fairytales, and the navy chevron pillow with the red 'B' is from Sew Gracious.

navy and red bedding

A few other details in the room: navy and red light fixture, 'locker' print, gray 'Everlasting' play table, and red chairs.  The window treatment - a navy box pleated valance with red insets - was fabricated by Christine at Iron Gate Interiors.  In this picture, you also get a peek into the Jack-and-Jill bathroom that Ben shares with is brother.

navy and red boys bedroom

We switched themes for the bathroom, from sports to the solar system.

sports letters

The bathroom theme was inspired by the amazing glow-in-the-dark constellation wallpaper we selected for the ceiling (expertly installed by Tommy at Barden's Decorating - can you even find the vents in the ceiling?).  The boys love looking at the ceiling when the lights are out!

solar system bathroom

The solar system prints are from Megan Lee Studio.  The bathroom walls are painted Benjamin Moore, Brittany Blue 1633.

planets artwork

This was such a fun project to work on, and I loved seeing Ben's reaction to his new room!

Another huge thank you to Beth Furgurson Photography for all of the wonderful 'after' photographs.

One more time, before:

boys room before


navy and red boys bedroom

Cathy Green Interiors monogram

Whole House Paint Colors

A young couple that recently moved to Richmond from Charleston, SC contacted me to help them in their home.  They wanted to start by selecting new paint colors for each room to give the house a fresh start and to make it feel more like them.  They knew they wanted blues and grays throughout the house, but they did not have a lot of furnishings and rugs that were dictating specific colors, so we had a lot of choices to select from. Here is what we decided:

Gray and Blue Whole House Paint Colors

whole house paint colors

(SW = Sherwin Williams   BM = Benjamin Moore)

SW Sleepy Blue 6225 ~ We started in the living room.  One of two rugs they did bring with them is going in the living room.  We used that as our starting point, and pulled this blue to coordinate with the rug.

SW Mindful Gray 7016 & SW Mountain Air 6224 ~ The living room opens to the dining room, so we chose two colors that complement the Sleepy Blue.  Mindful Gray is for the walls and Mountain Air for the ceiling.

BM Quiet Moments 1563 ~ Off of the dining room is a sunroom that leads out to the back yard.  Quiet Moments is a nice soft blue, green, gray that changes colors with different amounts of sunlight, but looks great at any time of day.  The kitchen also connects to the dining room, so we decided to repeat Quiet Moments in there.

SW Snowbound 7004 & SW Online 7072 ~ They have a sunken den with a fireplace that does not get a lot of natural light.  The room is a blank slate right now, and they wanted to keep it as light as possible.  We chose Snowbound for the walls, and Online as an accent on the backs of bookcases and on the brick fireplace that was already painted.

BM Brittany Blue 1633 ~ We selected Brittany Blue for the first floor powder room.

SW Passive 7064 ~ For the downstairs hallway, stairway, and upstairs hallway, Passive was the perfect gray to tie the two floors together.

BM Beach Glass 1564 ~ They wanted the master bedroom to feel calm and cozy.  Beach Glass is the darker version of Quiet Moments, and is one of my favorite paint colors.  It, too, can look blue, green, or gray depending on the time of day, and is perfect for a bedroom.

SW Mountain Air 6224 ~ We repeated Mountain Air (from the dining room ceiling) upstairs in the master bathroom and hall bathroom.

SW Nebulous White 7063 ~ For a guest bedroom that right now is a blank slate, we stuck with a white to give the room a fresh feel.  Accessories, window treatments, and bedding will eventually be added to give the room color and personality.

BM Misty Memories 2118-60 ~ Misty Memories is a gray with a purple undertone to it. When they told me they wanted gray for their daughter's nursery, and they already had purple and yellow bedding, I knew this was the color.

SW Snowbound 7004 ~ We repeated Snowbound (den) on all of the ceilings (except the dining room) and on all of the trim.

BM Dream I Can Fly 769 ~ Where did we use Dream I Can Fly? On the front door, for a fun pop of color, and welcoming entrance to the house!

So, there you have it - a whole house paint color scheme.  Why did I specify so many different shades of blue and gray?  Every room has different lighting and different fixed elements (rugs, existing furniture, countertops, cabinets) to take into consideration. Finding the perfect wall color is a balancing act of all of the pieces in the room.

A huge thank you to the wonderful team at Barden's Decorating for completing all of the prep and painting on this project!  Selecting the colors was only the first step, executing the plan with talented painters is just as important.

ο Have you used any of these paint colors in your home?

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Client Reveal ~ Pillows & Window Treatments

Last week, I shared a client's install with beautiful window treatments; today, I am sharing a second recent install - this time with more than just window treatments. This couple contacted  me wanting to spruce up their neutral family room and unadorned foyer.

The family room, before:

family room before

and after:

gray and blue family room

We started with a new rug. We chose one that is still neutral, but that also brings in shades of blue and warm tans to relate to the wall color.

neutral and blue floral rug

After selecting the rug, we started to look at fabrics for new pillows and window treatments.  We chose four fabrics that are a mix of fun, colorful patterns.

blue & gray pillows

We repeated one of the fabrics (the stripe on the right) to use as the window treatments.  They have a lot of windows in the space, and we decided the best option for window treatments was to frame the French doors that open out to their deck.  Adding window treatments to every window in the room would have overwhelmed the space.

gray and blue family room

Here is a close-up of of the window treatment fabric - the blue and neutral stripes coordinate perfectly with the rug.

window treatment close up

They have satin nickel hardware throughout their kitchen and family room, so we repeated that with the drapery rod and finials.

top pinch pleat window treatmentsIn their foyer, they needed a few pieces to add functionality and personality.


foyer before

She found a rug that she loved, and we used that as the inspiration for the space.

blue damask rug

Next, we added a bench and a shelf with hooks.  To bring in more color to the space, we choose three blue fabrics for a bench cushion and pillows.

foyer with bench

Now, they have the perfect space for storing shoes, coats, and bags.

foyer with bench

A close-up of the fabrics:

blue pillows on a foyer bench

I love mixing and matching patterns.  It is also fun to see how new fabrics can completely transform a space!

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