Easy as Pie Runner

(Yummm, pie! ~ Can you tell my mind is on Thanksgiving ;)? ) I've been looking for a runner to go on a buffet we have in our dining room.  The walls in our dining room are green, and we have blue in both adjoining rooms (kitchen and living room).  I wanted something that would tie all three rooms together but that would also have a ‘fallish’ feel to it.  When I saw this fabric at artéé fabrics & home, I knew I had to have it!

Here it is (“Bloom” designed by Thomas Paul for Duralee), washed, tumbled dry, and ready to be ironed.  While knowing how to sew with a sewing machine is on my ‘to learn’ list for the New Year, I wanted to go ahead and make the runner now in order to enjoy it through the fall.  So, I used Heat ‘n Bond hem tape.  (I bought mine at Michael’s, but you can find it at most craft stores.)

The blooms on the fabric were the perfect width for our space (13”), so I carefully folded the fabric along the top and bottom of one row of blooms.  Once it was all lined up, I ironed the folds to help hold them in place.

Next I laid out the hem tape and followed the instructions on the box for the best results.

Once it was all ironed and bonded, it was almost complete.  The only thing left to do was address the side edges of the runner.

I found this fabulous trim at U-fab that would give the runner a finished edge.

I trimmed the edges down, leaving almost no white fabric and lined up the trim to cover the edge.   I then used a needle and thread, and a simple straight stitch, to sew on the trim by hand.

Here is a finished picture of the trim:

And here is the runner on the buffet!

The colors are perfect, and I love seeing it every time I walk into the kitchen.  It is ready just in time for Thanksgiving.  Since we’re doing Thanksgiving at my parents’ house this year, I’m actually thinking of taking it with us over there in order to be able to enjoy it ;)!

° Have you made any ‘no-sew’ items recently?  ° What’s on your ‘to learn’ list for 2012?