We Three Wreaths ~ #2

From my trio of wreaths, today I’ll be talking about the center wreath.

Here are the supplies I started with for this wreath:

• 12” Styrofoam wreath (it was curved on the front and flat on the back) • 1 ½” wide wired red ribbon with silver trim • silver sparkly ornament • stapler & staples

To start, I stapled the ribbon to the back of the wreath.

Then, I wrapped the ribbon around the wreath.  I overlapped each strip about half-way.  Here is a picture of the wreath partially wrapped.

And here it is wrapped, but before I added the ornament embellishment.

To add the ornament, I cut a piece of the ribbon so that I could attach the ornament to the smaller piece of ribbon and then add that whole piece to the wreath.  I decided to sew the ornament to the piece of ribbon.

Once the ornament was secure on the ribbon, I stapled the smaller ribbon strip to the wreath.

That’s it!  It was really simple, and it looks cuter than I hoped.  To hang it from the window pane, I used a strand of silver yarn, but you could also use the same ribbon or a coordinating color ribbon.

red & silver ribbon wreath

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Different ribbon – patterns, plain, stripes, etc. – would give this type of wreath many different effects.  One piece of advice too: the Styrofoam sheds, a lot, so be sure to do this project before you vacuum!

º What ribbon would you use for this wreath?

On a side note: º Has anyone seen any fun Christmas lights yet?