The Power of Navy Blue ~ Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of my exploration of the world of navy blue (review Part 1 here).  In last week’s post, I showed how navy and the colors of the rainbow can each work together to create enviable rooms.  Today, I’ll share how navy also coordinates beautifully with other pairings. The first color combination today is navy blue and pink.

navy blue & pink nursery

(navy and pink nursery from OctoberRoad via HGTV)

A little girl’s nursery is a natural place for this duo.  The pale pink walls create a feeling of softness in the room, while the addition of navy provides a layer of interest.  The use of an area rug over the existing wall-to-wall carpet adds depth to the room, and a focal point around the crib.  If you look closely, there are creative details all around – the pink ceiling medallion and handmade rosettes on the throw pillow, for example – that make the room extra special.

The navy and pink color scheme isn't just for nurseries though.

navy blue & pink living room

(navy and pink living room from Mary McDonald via Epitome of Chic)

In this living room, navy and pink combine to create a gorgeous space.  The marble fireplace and layered artwork immediately grab my attention.  As I study the rest of the room, I notice the dramatic effect created by the use of the solid navy fabric on the settee, ottoman, and chaise.  In contrast to the traditional furniture pieces, the graphic rug and pops of pink provide exciting modern elements.

Navy also pairs well with more neutral colors.

navy blue & brown bedroom

(navy and  brown bedroom from Diane Bergeron)

In this navy and brown bedroom, we see another eye-catching rug.  The brown grasscloth wallpaper gives the room a cozy feel, while the crisp white bed linens and window treatments provide balance in the space.

navy blue & brown family room, living room

(navy and tan living room via décor*pad)

Grasscloth wall paper is also used in this navy and tan living room.  Casual elements, like the porthole mirror and wooden coffee table, mix well with the more elegant navy blue velvet French style couch.  The combination of styles works well together to create an inviting space.

Another neutral partner for navy is grey.

navy blue & grey basement

(navy and grey basement from Sarah Richardson)

This room was a late addition to the line-up.  I recently watched an episode of Sarah’s House and fell in love with this navy and grey basement.  Sarah consistently uses pattern, texture, and color to create stunning spaces, and this room was no exception.  Only Sarah could design a bright, cozy space centered around a navy blue couch in a basement with no windows!

Navy blue and black is often an unexpected color combination.

navy blue & black & pink living room

(navy and black living room from Domino via Sketch 42)

In this living room, navy blue, black, and bright pink work together to create a striking palate.  The similarity in the textures ties the pieces together, and the neutral rug helps to ground the space.

navy blue & black kitchen

(navy and black kitchen from The Sexy Kitchen)

Navy blue cabinets and black countertops complement each other in this modern kitchen.  The use of the two dark colors helps to make the space feel big and open by not breaking the flow of the room.   The minimalist décor, clean lines, and stainless steel accents all keep with the modern design.

Navy also pairs well with different metallic accents.

navy blue & gold & silver living room, family room

(navy and metallic family room from Emily A. Clark)

Mixing textures is the perfect way to make any room feel multi-dimensional.  The gold sunburst mirror and silver vase and candlesticks add a touch of elegance to this family room.  The bamboo shades, geometric rug, and plush throw keep the room feeling comfortable and cozy for the whole family.

Last, but certainly not least, is the always classic navy and white.

navy blue & white bathroom

(navy and white bathroom from

The combination of navy and white always invokes such a crisp, clean feel.  I love the color combination in this bathroom, where the details work together to complete the space:  the open bottom of the vanity helps to make this piece seem less chunky; the beadboard gives a farmhouse feel to the space; and the flower-like tile on the floor adds texture and pattern.

navy blue & white dining room

(navy and white dining room from Lonny Magazine)

How beautiful is this dining room!  All of the pieces in this space work so well together.  The perfect shade of navy on the walls is balanced by the white window panels.  An unexpected combination of wing back and wooden chairs surround the table.   The midcentury modern side board and gallery of artwork on the wall pull together the eclectic feel of this enchanting dining room.  This welcoming and inviting space is perfect for all occasions – from casual dinners with friends to special family celebrations.

º Which color combination wins your vote from today’s pairings? º What color are you currently obsessing over?