Favorite Things {part 3}

favorite things part 3To end my Favorite Things series I asked a few of my favorite gals to share a few of their favorite things.  (Part 1 & Part 2)

favorite gals

Stretch Ledford Photography

(You already saw Beth’s favorite thing in Part 1)


Erin and I met my freshman year of high school on the field hockey field.  We became fast friends, and it is hard to believe that we have known each other for 17 years ~ wow!

Upholstered Headboard

I had to laugh when Cathy posed the question, “What is your favorite thing in your house?” My husband and I are in the process of building a new house.  Our current living space is purely transitional in nature – nothing too personal, just the basics to get us by.  But here’s my favorite thing that was in my old house & what I can’t wait to unpack and decorate around again in the new house!

reupholstered headboard

This headboard was abandoned in alleyway and headed for the dump.  A friend and neighbor, Sheila, snatched it up and worked her magic.  The original shape is still evident, but the wood has been upholstered with a natural linen fabric and then your basic nail head trim was applied to highlight its lines.  I love knowing that it was saved from the trash pile and how versatile the neutral fabric makes it for switching out bedding and throw pillows for new, fresh looks all year-round!

For more projects & inspiration, check out Sheila’s blog!


Jess and I were randomly paired as roommates our freshman year of college.  I don’t think they could have picked a more perfect match for us!  We lived together all four years in college and also one year after college.  From traveling in Europe, to ice cream and movies in our dorm room, we certainly have shared many memories!

Wrought Iron Bed

One of my favorite things in our house is this wrought iron bed in our guest room.  Growing up I slept on a wrought iron bed, so this piece reminds me of my childhood.  I like the rectangular frame that gives the bed definition. Paired with the curved details, the frame is visually strong, yet also soft.  Living in a small house, I also like that this bed frame adds interesting details without taking up much space.  Currently, I have it paired with a white quilt which makes the dark iron pop.  I also love the needle point navy and pink pillow on the bed which was given to us as a wedding present.  It has our initials and wedding date in the colors from our wedding.  It makes a nice piece that is personal and meaningful for our guest room.

wrough iron bed


Liz is one of Andrew’s sisters.  She currently lives in Roanoke, but comes to Richmond often to visit.  Liz’s nickname is ‘Sparkle’ and it suits her perfectly ;).  She is warm and bubbly, and we share a love of all things sparkly and shiny!

Dining Room Table & Chairs

My favorite thing in my home is my dining room table and chairs.  My mom and I recovered these chairs this past year together.  This table has been in the family for well over 30 years as it belonged to my parents, and before them it was my Aunt Connie and Uncle Ray’s.  My mom recovered the chairs before I was born and the table was in our home my whole life until I was given the set in my first apartment.  It was really fun to have my mom stay in town with me a few nights and work on the chairs together.  Two other favorite things are also featured in this picture:  an oriental rug that I remember being in our house growing up - my best friend Layne's mom gave it us when we moved to Roanoke from Bristol, TN.  The other favorite thing would be Memphis, one of my two cats :)!

dining room table & chairs


Elise and I met in college, but became close friends when we lived together after college.  We’ve bonded over Michael Bublé, getting our nails done, and her trying to get me to come to yoga with her!

Colorful Chair

This is definitely one of my favorite things in the house ~ it’s a chair we put in the office to add a fun pop of color and pattern to the room.  I found it at Pier1 imports and knew I had to have it as soon as I saw it.  I love the colors!  It helps to pull the room together and also adds a comfortable place to sit.

office chair


Jill and I were field hockey teammates at the University of Richmond.  We spent a few years as roommates, both in college and after college with Elise.  From putting a Styrofoam container in our apartment oven, to doing the ‘worm’ in her wedding dress, Jill always brings excitement to my life!

Ikea Expedit Shelves

This was a tough one for me; there are so many things in my house that I love!  However, when qualifying a “favorite”, I based my decision on what makes me the happiest when I look at it.  Since becoming a mom, I have found solace in organization and an organized space makes me not only happy, but ecstatic!  Therefore without further ado, my favorite thing in my house is the Ikea Expedit shelving system that I purchased for our playroom.

Ikea Expedit shelving system

The price was right (only $129!) and it was so easy to put together.  You have to laugh at the Ikea instructions…barely any words, but rather illustrations of little Ikea elves showing you what to do.

ikea instructions


Anyway, this shelving unit finally allowed us a place to put all of Hayden’s toys that she has accumulated over 2 years (more than I ever could have imagined), and corral them in their own space rather than in every room of our house.  Best of all, it was SO much fun to decorate.  I got the bins on the bottom shelf from Target on sale for $5 each, the baskets and liners on the next shelf up were a bit of a splurge from Pottery Barn Kids, but I love the labeled liners and figured I’d get enough years of use out of them.  The little buckets with the chalkboard labels on the top left, I actually picked up today in Target from the dollar section!  And lastly, the picture in the frame is one of our favorites of Hayden, taken by the talented Beth Furgurson Photography.

Ikea Expedit shelving system

Happiness for me these days = organization.  My college roommates would be in absolute disbelief (yes, we are!) if they stepped foot in my house and would most likely demand the aliens that captured the real Jill please let her go.  But alas it is true; life is easier if “there is a place for everything and everything in its place.”  Thank goodness for Ikea.

Jill just started her own blog, so head over and check it out ~ Living with aJILLity.

Thanks so much to all of my favorite gals for participating in the Favorite Things series.  I love to see what everyone chooses and find it interesting that, once again, we had a mix of old, new, family pieces, and ‘saved’ pieces.

º Where did you meet your ‘favorite gals’ (or guys)?

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