Easy Holiday Decorating

Do you tend to decorate for the holidays throughout the season, or do you prefer to put everything out in one day?  Whatever your preference, here are a few easy holiday decorating tips to help jump start your holiday décor. Christmas family room



Pillows are a fun way to add color or sparkle to a room.  Swap out your everyday pillows in the family room, living room, or bedrooms with fun, holiday pillows.  Choose traditional red pillows:

Holiday pillows


Neutral pillows:

neutral holiday pillows


Or a modern pattern with a little added sparkle:

snowflake pillow



Candles are another easy thing to switch out around the house for the holidays.  Whether you have tapers in the dining room or pillars on the mantel, replacing your everyday candles with more festive ones is a small detail that will make a big impact.

Follow this tutorial for wrapping candles to create a custom look in your space.

christmas candles

Try mixing things up and using candles with non-traditional shapes to coordinate with your decorations.

christmas tree candles


I love all things that glitter and sparkle.  To make your own glittery candles, check out this tutorial.

glitter candles



If you have a tray that you normally keep out, it doesn't necessarily have to be put away for the holidays.  Dress it up with pretty ornaments and vases for a beautiful coffee table display.

ornaments & tray


Color-coordinate a tray to your accessories and use it on a bar or sideboard while entertaining.

red tray


If you don’t know how to style a tray or if you don’t think you have anything to decorate it with, check out this tray makeover from Fern Creek Cottage.

rustic tray

Andrew and I did buy and decorate our Christmas tree this weekend.  Other than that though, we haven’t done much decorating.  I’m more of a ‘decorate throughout the holidays’ kind of gal.  I do have a few craft projects that I’m planning, so I’ll be sure to share as they are completed.

º What decorations have you started with this year?

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