Client Reveal ~ Farmhouse Porch

When my college roommate's mom called me and asked for help in redoing the outdoor cushions at their family's farmhouse near the river (or should I say 'rivah' ;)! ) I was honored and excited to help with the project.

Jess on her wedding day in front of the farmHouse!                                                                  Beth furgurson photography

Jess on her wedding day in front of the farmHouse!                                                                 Beth furgurson photography

Jess and I were randomly paired together as roommates our freshman year of college, and ended up living together for all four years.  We have stayed close friends, been in each other's weddings, and gotten to know each other's families.  Their farmhouse is on the Northern Neck of Virginia, and I have enjoyed fun weekends with her family there.  The house has a rich history to it and holds many family memories within it's walls and fields.  This was such a special project for me to be a part of, and I'm excited to share the photos with you!

The stunning cedar lined driveway that leads up to the house.                                              Beth Furgurson photography

The stunning cedar lined driveway that leads up to the house.                                             Beth Furgurson photography

I scoured through every outdoor fabric book and sample to find the perfect color and pattern combination for her.  Jess's mom has a good eye for design and she knows what she likes.  We played with several different options:


But in the end she was drawn to this orange and turquoise color story.

turquoise and orange fabrics.jpg

She wanted fabrics that would feel bright, fresh, and fun!  When working with outdoor fabrics, we also had to check their durability and lightfastness (how many direct sunlight hours they are rated to endure).  Her previous cushions had worn and faded quickly, so we needed fabrics that would be durable and wear well.  As beautiful as these fabrics are, they are all also highly rated and will hold up to many summers of children, grandchildren, and dogs!

Here are a few before pictures of the old cushions.  We had already removed some of them, but you can see how faded they were.  She also had her furniture repainted for a completely fresh look.

outdoor cushions before.jpg
outdoor cushion before.jpg

And here are the bright, fresh, and fun after photos!

proch seating area.jpg

One end of the porch hosts this seating area.  It is right off of the kitchen, so the doors are usually open, and conversation, food, and drinks flow from inside to out and back again.  The old cushions were all the same fabric; for the new cushions, we decided to mix and match the patterns.  Using the orange and turquoise stripe as the main fabric, we highlighted the colors with other accents.  My seamstress, Susan Palmer of Palmer Home Fashions, did a fantastic job with all of the details of the project - from aligning patterns, to custom shaping the cushions, to thinking through the placement of every tie and velcro - so much thought and precision goes into a project like this. 

orange stripe arm chair.jpg

I love the shape on the backs of these armchairs, and how fun to see the white wrought iron scroll design up against the bright stripes!

The glider also lives on this side of the porch.

turquoise glider.jpg

This is a coveted spot for naps and relaxing, so we upgraded to a 4" thick cushion to make it as comfy and inviting as possible.  This turquoise quatrefoil print is so pretty in person, it is really the star of the porch!

turquoise glider2.jpg

And here is a close-up of the pillows.  I love the details we selected for these and how they tie the whole porch together: stripe cording on the orange pillow, and orange cording on the lacy print pillow.

orange & turquoise pillows.jpg

Next to this seating area is a small round table with four hoop dining chairs - a great spot for a quick snack or a competitive card game.

hoop chair dining set.jpg

We continued the flow of the fabrics and also used the stripe fabric on the chairs.  I just loved these little chairs!

hoop dining chair.jpg

There is a large wrought iron dining table and chairs in the middle of the porch.  The dining set got a fresh coat of paint, but we decided to keep those chairs cushion-free for ease of clean-up.  

On the far side of the porch is another small seating area with a sofa and sling-back love seat, and chairs from other areas that often migrate down to this section as well.

porch seating area2.jpg

We selected the orange lacy print with orange cording for the sofa and loveseat, and repeated the turquoise quatrefoil on the throw pillows.  

orange & turquoise sofa.jpg

This was such a fun and special project for me!  The new fabrics have brightened up the space, and I know the family will enjoy all of the time spent together on the porch!

orange & turquoise sofa3.jpg
CGI monogram.jpg