Patchwork Chaise Lounge

A few months ago, I received this email in my inbox:“Dear Mrs. Green,

2 years ago I built with my wife a house close to Vienna, Austria.

Yesterday my wife found in the internet a patchwork chaise lounge – exactly the same like on your homepage (very coloured).

Can you help me, where I can get this, what is the price, ….

I want to surprise my wife to her birthday…

Thank you for your help.”

He was referring to this patchwork chaise lounge that I showed as an example of a fun way to recover an antique piece.  (original post)

patchwork chaise

With my email address accessible on the internet, I wasn't sure if this was a spam email or not.  I decided, though, that if it was in fact real, I would want to help this man find the chaise for his wife.

I responded with a few options, but I was unable to track down the manufacturer of the exact chaise.

Four days later, I received this response:

“Dear Cathy

I found the factory (in London!!!) which produces exact the chaise lounge I am looking for:

They have a lot of very, very nice products – maybe you can use it for your job.

Thank you again for your help.”

I was so happy that he was able to find what he was looking for.  The production took 12 weeks – I can only imagine their anticipation in waiting for the chaise to arrive.

Last week he sent me an email with several pictures of their new patchwork chaise lounge.  What a cool space for this eye-catching piece!

patchwork chaise lounge

patchwork chaise lounge

The white bookshelves are the perfect backdrop for the colorful chaise. Who wouldn't want to curl up and read here?

patchwork chaise lounge

patchwork chaise lounge

While it may not suit everyone’s taste, it’s hard to deny that this is truly an amazing piece of furniture!

And it looks like they ordered a matching table as well.

patchwork chaise lounge

patchwork chaise lounge

I am so happy that I decided to respond to this kind gentleman, and even happier that he was able to find the piece that they were looking for – the power of the internet!

º Would you put this chaise in your home?

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Everything Vintage


A few weekends ago I was working on my Mod Podged filing cabinet, when I received a text from my sister with this picture: blue cart

Just as I was looking at the picture, she called and the following conversation ensued:

Beth:  Hey!  What are you doing? Me:  Mod Podging my filing cabinet. Beth:  Ummmm, ok.  Did you get my text? Me:  Yes, I was just looking at it.  Where are you? Beth:  I’m right outside of Williamsburg.  I just bought that! Me:  What?  What are you going to do with it? Beth:  I’m not sure, but I love it!  This store is awesome; we have to come back down here.  Well, actually, I really need to come back down because I can’t fit it in my car today. Me:  Ok, sounds good to me!

On her way back from photographing a wedding in Williamsburg, Beth stumbled upon Everything Vintage.

everything vintage

They describe the store as: “eclectic, primitive, and retro furniture and home décor.”  They also carry vintage clothing and they can make custom pieces.  Beth is actually having them make something for her ~ I can’t wait to see how it turns out and share it with you!

We were finally able to schedule a trip down there on July 4th.  The store is amazing and the owners – Jennifer & Jason – are as nice as they can be!

When we first walked in the store, we saw this unique kitchen island.  The top is a 3” thick reclaimed butcher block and the base is cast iron.  It has so much character to it!  This would fit in with any style kitchen, from country to modern, and would be a conversation piece for sure.

reclaimed butcher block

Another kitchen item was this beautiful table.   Jason constructed it from a solid piece of maple and cast iron legs.  He said it’s the biggest single piece of maple he’s worked with.

maple salvage table

I tried to rationalize bringing home this blue base farm table, but for some reason I couldn’t convince Andrew that we need two dining room tables ;)!

blue base farm table

They have quite the collection of vintage accessories, including these industrial looking fans.

vintage fans

Jason revamped this iron church chandelier that dates from the late 1800’s.  It would make a grand statement in an entry foyer!

antique church lantern

Perfect for a kid’s room, this green and blue cupboard could hold books, toys, clothes, or even hide a small TV.

green and blue cupboard

This distressed grey cupboard was stunning.  I love how the three drawers are left in a wood tone.  Andrew liked it too because it was from his hometown ~ Roanoke, VA!

grey cupboard

Two other tables / islands that caught my eye were this green one with a zinc top:

green island

And this white one with a metal top:

metal top table

I’ve saved two truly unique pieces for last.  Jason was excited to show us both of these.  First is this vintage Texaco gas station sign.  To the untrained eye, it may not seem like much, but he explained that because it is:  1. in good condition  2. double sided  &                3. hanging from its original hardware, it is a coveted piece for collectors.

vintage texaco sign

The last piece I have to share with you is truly one-of-a-kind.  To create this desk, Jason used reclaimed wood for the top, cast iron bases & rods, and vintage light fixtures.

reclaimed desk

He even included a light switch so that you wouldn’t have to plug in the lamps when you want to use them.  How smart is that!

reclaimed desk

We had a great time visiting Everything Vintage, and it was definitely worth the trip down Route 60.  At only 40 miles from Richmond, I recommend that you take a trip down to the shop too!

everything vintage

If you can’t make it down there, check out their website and Facebook page for updates on their inventory!

When Beth got home, she sent me a picture of her new coffee table.  I love it!  The distressed blue finish, the vintage wheels – it’s perfect!

blue coffee table

º I wanted everything in the store! Which piece would you buy for your home?

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Antiquing in Virginia Beach

This weekend, my sister and I enjoyed time at Virginia Beach with our mom.  Beth and I wanted to treat our mom to some sun, sand, and girl time. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate – chilly, drizzly, and very windy does not make for a good beach day :/.

me at the beach

What do the Burgess women do when we can’t sit on the beach?  Shop!

We were already planning on stopping at the Williamsburg outlets on our way home, so we headed to the Barrett Street Antique Mall.

barrett street antique mall

(picture from their website)

With their website describing the mall as “a 28,000 square foot, indoor climate controlled building with a large outside lot with garden, patio, and outdoor decorations,” we knew it would be the perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon!

They had quite a few unique items and interesting pieces.  One of the first things we noticed were the bikes hanging from the ceiling.  Now that’s not something you see at any old antique store!

Barrett Street Antique Mall bikes

At approximately 3’ tall, this pirate ship would be a true treasure for any young boy and his friends to play with.

model pirate ship

These distressed tin panels were difficult to get a good picture of because they were displayed high on the wall.  We liked them though, and I can see them arranged on a mantel or in a gallery style collection over a sofa.

tin panels

Being a photographer, Beth is always drawn to old cameras.  She also loved this vintage radio.

vintage camera and radio

While we were shopping, we discovered many unique chairs and chaises.  I wanted to bring them all home, give them a makeover, and find the perfect spot for them!  Unfortunately, we were limited in our space for the trip home.

One of the first pieces we saw in the mall was this pair of ornate wooden chairs that reminded me of the chair Beth and I reupholstered a few months ago.

tutor chairs

They could be used as extra seating in a dining room or to flank an entry console table.

Stairway Detail 2 traditional family room

We also saw this Mid-Century modern hoop chair.

mid-century modern hoop chair

I love Mid-Century modern pieces, and this one reminded me of a Bertoia chair.

bertoia chairs


The hoop chair would be cute used on a sun porch or outdoor patio.

hoop chairs on patio


My favorite things we saw were a few different chaise lounges.

purple chaise

blue chaise

Chaise lounges have a very feminine and proper feel to them.  I like the idea of refreshing the piece by painting the wood a fun color and reupholstering it with a fun fabric.

They had this one that had already been redone with distressed white trim and a blue floral fabric.

blue & white chaise

Here are a few other inspirational ideas I found online.

What girl wouldn't want to read and lounge on this colorful, floral chaise?

hoop chairs on patio


Another bold statement would be a patchwork pattern.  Any little girl would be the envy of the neighborhood with one of these hip pieces in her bedroom.

patchwork chaise


patchwork chaise


If bright and bold is not for you, softer patterns and neutral colors would also make a beautiful piece.  The detail of the skirt on this chaise softens the piece without making it feel heavy.

grey chaise


For a preppy or beachy feel, wide stripes and patterned pillows are the perfect combination.

Lilly Pulitzer striped chaise


While I was inspired by all of these chairs and chaises, none of them made it home with me.

I did manage to bring home one item though.  This beautiful glass decanter immediately caught my eye as it is the perfect shade of peacock blue to coordinate with our new dining room and living room colors.

holmegaard decanter

It is a Holmegaard glass (a Danish company established in 1825) Kluk Kluk decanter.  In an eBay search, I found the same decanter selling for anywhere from $35 up to $100.  I paid $40 for mine, so I feel like I found a pretty good deal!

It looks great both in the family room on the mantel:

holmegaard decanter

And in the dining room:

holmegaard decanter

I’m not sure where it’s permanent home will be, but we do love it!

Despite the weather, we had a great weekend relaxing, eating good food, and shopping!

º What do you do at the beach on a rainy day?

Cribs ~ Van & Sean

Welcome to my version of Cribs!  (Do you remember MTV's Cribs, where they went into celebrities’ homes and gave viewers a tour of their spaces?) My friend Van, while not a celebrity, does have a beautiful home full of unique pieces and thoughtful details.  She and her husband Sean were gracious enough to allow me and my personal photographer – a.k.a. the most awesome sister in the world: Beth Furgurson – into their home in order to share the images with you.  So, grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, sit back, relax, and enjoy this episode of Cribs! _______________________________________________________________

Upon entering their home, you immediately get a feel of Van’s style – chic, global, and comfortable.  She has an eye for beautiful pieces and combines the pieces she finds in an effortless way.

Room #1 ~ Living Room

living room

For example, Van anchored the living room with an estate sale rug, and layered it with a new ottoman (don’t you love the light blue color & the nail head trim?!) and a cabinet she found at a local antiques store (Sheppard Street Antiques).

living room lamp

I love the lamps she chose to flank the fireplace.  Sitting atop trays and paired with a simple piece of art, they provide the perfect accent to the room.

console table with family pictures

On the left wall of the living room, Van placed this beautiful console table and topped it with family photos.  What a wonderful way to display special photos of family members from several generations!

Room #2 ~ Dining Room

dining room

I love the mix of colors and styles used in the dining room: the white chairs mixed with the wood table; the green corner cabinet against the palest of blue walls; and the geometric area rug that ties the room together.

green dining room corner cabinet

The focal point of the dining room is the green corner cabinet.  Van found this piece at a shop in Charlottesville, VA (that is now closed).  The details on the doors and the bold color make such an impact in the room.

yarn centerpiece

For an effortless centerpiece, Van found inspiration from one of her favorite hobbies.  A few spools of yarn placed in a wooden bowl add a simple, yet personalized touch to the room.

Room #3 ~ Office


Van and Sean’s office is both functional and stylish.  Soft colors and repainted pieces work together to make the room comfortable and charming.

zebra paiper mache

A playful touch in the office is this zebra head that Van found at Ruth & Ollie.  He is papier-mâché made of old French newspapers.

Room #4 ~ Kitchen & Eat-in Area

kitchen, work bench island

To provide their family with more living space, Van and Sean put an addition onto the back of the house.  Included in the plans of the addition was a larger, updated kitchen.  Van found this work bench at an antiques store and knew she had to have it.  They planned the whole kitchen around the work bench in order to use it as the center island.

kitchen eat in area

Adjacent to the kitchen is the family’s eat-in area.  Van found the English gate leg table at Kim Faison Antiques here in Richmond, VA.

reclaimed bench & floral pillows

Placing a bench on one side of the table provides extra seating for family and friends.  I love the story that goes with the bench: “We purchased the bench from Sheppard Street Antiques.  It was found in a barn and we had it cleaned only partially so that it would be restored, but so that you could still see the green paint someone had spilled on it in the barn.”

pendant light

Sometimes the best pieces can be found while you’re on vacation or out of town.  Van found the pendant light for the eat-in area at Brocante Home in Irvington, VA near where her family has a river house.

nook with accessories & pictures

Between the eat-in area and the kitchen is a nook for holding books and other accessories.   A photo collage of Van and Sean’s two adorable children adorn the walls giving the space a personal touch (photos by Beth Furgurson ;) ).

Room #5 ~ Family Room

family room, antique cabinet, Hot Link Pro

The family room houses Van’s favorite piece – the media cabinet.  When searching for a media cabinet, Van could not find a traditional one that she liked and felt fit the style of their home.  Sean found a solution to their problems: the Hot Link Pro.  The Hot Link Pro is a sensor that allows you to hide A/V equipment behind opaque doors.  (Who knew there was such a thing?)  This technology allowed Van to use an antique Swedish cabinet to store their cable box and DVD player.  The piece also has plenty of space for the kids’ movies, books, and games.

sea grass basket & dog art

Unique furniture is not the only thing that Van and Sean collect.  One of the most special pieces they own is the sea grass basket hand made from Edisto Island, SC.  The dog painting by a local Richmond artist compliments the basket for a lovely vignette.

I hope you have enjoyed this episode of Cribs!  I love all of the pieces in Van and Sean’s home, but I think my favorite part is that it all feels so welcoming and livable.  Of all the unique and beautiful pieces, there is nothing that is off limits or too precious to sit on. _______________________________________________________________

*A huge thank you to Van and Sean for opening their home to us and for allowing me to share it with you.

*Also, a special thank you to Beth Furgurson for capturing such beautiful images.

º What is your favorite part of the tour?  (I’m having a hard time picking just one thing!)

º Did you know about the Hot Link Pro?

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Antiquing in Boone, NC

This weekend, Andrew and I went to Boone, NC, for a reunion weekend with his Appalachian State friends.  Boone is a beautiful town, and although it is normally still chilly this time of year, the weather was quite enjoyable. Boone, NC

I asked Andrew to schedule some time for us to explore a few antique shops while we were there.  The first one we stopped at was Vintage Vilas (website & facebook).

Vintage Vilas

In front of the store, they had an antique buggy.  I have never seen one like it before, so I was excited to see what other gems they had inside!

antique buggy

The first thing we saw inside the store was this 40’s diner set.

40s diner set

I’ve been thinking that when we (someday) have a house with a breakfast nook, it would be fun to furnish it with a 40’s or 50’s diner set or booth.  Andrew is not yet convinced of this decorating plan (although I know he’ll come around ;) ), but he always loves a good deal.  At only $99 for the whole set, I was almost able to persuade him to bring this one home!

This ‘shabby / chic’ white kitchen cupboard / cabinet was only $40!  It needed a little love – probably some reinforcement on the inside, but overall it was in good shape.  I can see it used in any number of rooms ~ kitchen, entryway, guestroom, bathroom.

antique kitchen cupboard

Because we are getting ready to paint our dining room peacock blue, these feathers caught my eye ($49.95 for the whole bouquet).

peacock feathers

These three children’s desks were only $85 total (her prices were fantastic!).  They would be cute in a playroom.

childrens desks

I loved the details on this oak sideboard.  The ‘x’ on the doors and the spindle legs add such interest to the piece. ($249)

Oak sideboard

One of the most unique items at Vintage Vilas was the Star Trek pinball machine ($1300).  It actually does work (I may or may not have played a game or two).  Who doesn’t need a pinball machine in their basement?

Star Trek pinball machine

From Vintage Vilas, we headed to King Street – the ‘main drag’ in Boone – and explored Appalachian Antiques.

Appalachian Antiques

Here, they had quite a few knick-knacks, such as these character glasses that reminded me of ones we had growing up.

cartoon glasses

They did have quite a few items, though, that caught my eye.  One of the first pieces I saw was this old wooden cart.  It would be perfect for an industrial looking coffee table ($495).

old wood coffe table, cart

In Boone, there are many rustic furniture pieces.  They have a distinct woodland look to them, and this branch chair and stool are a perfect example.  While not right for our Richmond, VA, home, in any cabin in Boone, it would fit right in. ($210 for the chair and stool)

branch chair

After taking the picture of the branch chair, I turned to the next booth and was greeted by this guy!  Well, hello there, Mr. Giraffe.  He made me giggle, so I had to take a picture of him.  For a mere $695, you could have your very own authentic carousel giraffe (or is it a horse?).

Carousel giraffe

Old trunks and suitcases are very popular right now.  I’m not sure that this one would travel well, but cleaned-up, it would make a fun dress-up wardrobe for a little girl ($145).

wardrobe trunk

Next, we saw this cast iron, claw foot bathtub (on sale for $195).  With a fresh coat of paint on the outside, it would be a great focal point in a bathroom.

cast iron bathtub

It reminded me of this one Sarah Richardson painted in Season 3 of Sarah’s House.

Sarah Richardson yellow bathtub

One more interesting piece we saw was this old electric stove ($995).  The tag said that it is in working condition!

old electric stove

While we did not end up buying anything, we had a great time exploring the shops in Boone.

º What is your favorite antique or consignment store? º What is your most exciting find?

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