With Thanksgiving upon us and the hustle and bustle that comes with the holiday season, I wanted to take a few moments today and reflect on a few things that I am thankful for. My Family

I feel so blessed to have a loving and caring family.  They have all been so supportive of my career change, and I am thankful for their love and encouragement.  From my immediate family, to the in-laws, to the extended family, to those near and far, it is such a comfort to know that we have loved ones to share the holidays, and ‘everydays’, with.  I am especially thankful for the little ones – our niece and nephews – who, with their giggles, smiles, and ‘darndest things’ that they say, are constant reminders of the important things in life.

nephew coloring

niece & nephew

My Friends

Old and new, I am thankful to have a circle of friends that are kind, caring, and fun.  There are so many important things to do and be in life, but I truly believe that being a good friend is one of the top things on that list. There is nothing like reminiscing about old memories and making new ones with great friends.  To all of my wonderful friends: thank you for being such a special part of my life!



Yes, I love color.  I get to work with color on a daily basis and I love helping others bring color into their lives.  Color can affect mood, and the right combinations of color can be stunningly beautiful.  I am thankful to live in a world full of lovely colors!


fabric / paint


It sounds silly, I know, but, I am thankful for Facebook.  Facebook has allowed me to reconnect with old friends, teammates, and classmates.  It lets me see pictures of friends’ families and babies, it also allows me to support local businesses and join causes I’m passionate about, and it provides breaking news faster than Usain Bolt can run 100 meters.  From friends that live five minutes away to those that are halfway around the world, Facebook provides a vehicle to stay connected with those we care about.  Besides, where else could I post pictures like this ;)?



Hello, my name is Cathy, and I’m a dessert-a-holic.  It’s true.  I don’t try to hide it.  To me, desserts are certainly something to be thankful for.  They really do make each day a little sweeter!

shyndigz cake

Shyndigz cake

Lastly, I am thankful for you – my readers!  You have been so supportive and encouraging and I am thankful for every reader, comment, email, and Facebook like!

I want to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving – be sure to enjoy the dessert :) !

º What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

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Favorite Things {part 3}

favorite things part 3To end my Favorite Things series I asked a few of my favorite gals to share a few of their favorite things.  (Part 1 & Part 2)

favorite gals

Stretch Ledford Photography

(You already saw Beth’s favorite thing in Part 1)


Erin and I met my freshman year of high school on the field hockey field.  We became fast friends, and it is hard to believe that we have known each other for 17 years ~ wow!

Upholstered Headboard

I had to laugh when Cathy posed the question, “What is your favorite thing in your house?” My husband and I are in the process of building a new house.  Our current living space is purely transitional in nature – nothing too personal, just the basics to get us by.  But here’s my favorite thing that was in my old house & what I can’t wait to unpack and decorate around again in the new house!

reupholstered headboard

This headboard was abandoned in alleyway and headed for the dump.  A friend and neighbor, Sheila, snatched it up and worked her magic.  The original shape is still evident, but the wood has been upholstered with a natural linen fabric and then your basic nail head trim was applied to highlight its lines.  I love knowing that it was saved from the trash pile and how versatile the neutral fabric makes it for switching out bedding and throw pillows for new, fresh looks all year-round!

For more projects & inspiration, check out Sheila’s blog!


Jess and I were randomly paired as roommates our freshman year of college.  I don’t think they could have picked a more perfect match for us!  We lived together all four years in college and also one year after college.  From traveling in Europe, to ice cream and movies in our dorm room, we certainly have shared many memories!

Wrought Iron Bed

One of my favorite things in our house is this wrought iron bed in our guest room.  Growing up I slept on a wrought iron bed, so this piece reminds me of my childhood.  I like the rectangular frame that gives the bed definition. Paired with the curved details, the frame is visually strong, yet also soft.  Living in a small house, I also like that this bed frame adds interesting details without taking up much space.  Currently, I have it paired with a white quilt which makes the dark iron pop.  I also love the needle point navy and pink pillow on the bed which was given to us as a wedding present.  It has our initials and wedding date in the colors from our wedding.  It makes a nice piece that is personal and meaningful for our guest room.

wrough iron bed


Liz is one of Andrew’s sisters.  She currently lives in Roanoke, but comes to Richmond often to visit.  Liz’s nickname is ‘Sparkle’ and it suits her perfectly ;).  She is warm and bubbly, and we share a love of all things sparkly and shiny!

Dining Room Table & Chairs

My favorite thing in my home is my dining room table and chairs.  My mom and I recovered these chairs this past year together.  This table has been in the family for well over 30 years as it belonged to my parents, and before them it was my Aunt Connie and Uncle Ray’s.  My mom recovered the chairs before I was born and the table was in our home my whole life until I was given the set in my first apartment.  It was really fun to have my mom stay in town with me a few nights and work on the chairs together.  Two other favorite things are also featured in this picture:  an oriental rug that I remember being in our house growing up - my best friend Layne's mom gave it us when we moved to Roanoke from Bristol, TN.  The other favorite thing would be Memphis, one of my two cats :)!

dining room table & chairs


Elise and I met in college, but became close friends when we lived together after college.  We’ve bonded over Michael Bublé, getting our nails done, and her trying to get me to come to yoga with her!

Colorful Chair

This is definitely one of my favorite things in the house ~ it’s a chair we put in the office to add a fun pop of color and pattern to the room.  I found it at Pier1 imports and knew I had to have it as soon as I saw it.  I love the colors!  It helps to pull the room together and also adds a comfortable place to sit.

office chair


Jill and I were field hockey teammates at the University of Richmond.  We spent a few years as roommates, both in college and after college with Elise.  From putting a Styrofoam container in our apartment oven, to doing the ‘worm’ in her wedding dress, Jill always brings excitement to my life!

Ikea Expedit Shelves

This was a tough one for me; there are so many things in my house that I love!  However, when qualifying a “favorite”, I based my decision on what makes me the happiest when I look at it.  Since becoming a mom, I have found solace in organization and an organized space makes me not only happy, but ecstatic!  Therefore without further ado, my favorite thing in my house is the Ikea Expedit shelving system that I purchased for our playroom.

Ikea Expedit shelving system

The price was right (only $129!) and it was so easy to put together.  You have to laugh at the Ikea instructions…barely any words, but rather illustrations of little Ikea elves showing you what to do.

ikea instructions


Anyway, this shelving unit finally allowed us a place to put all of Hayden’s toys that she has accumulated over 2 years (more than I ever could have imagined), and corral them in their own space rather than in every room of our house.  Best of all, it was SO much fun to decorate.  I got the bins on the bottom shelf from Target on sale for $5 each, the baskets and liners on the next shelf up were a bit of a splurge from Pottery Barn Kids, but I love the labeled liners and figured I’d get enough years of use out of them.  The little buckets with the chalkboard labels on the top left, I actually picked up today in Target from the dollar section!  And lastly, the picture in the frame is one of our favorites of Hayden, taken by the talented Beth Furgurson Photography.

Ikea Expedit shelving system

Happiness for me these days = organization.  My college roommates would be in absolute disbelief (yes, we are!) if they stepped foot in my house and would most likely demand the aliens that captured the real Jill please let her go.  But alas it is true; life is easier if “there is a place for everything and everything in its place.”  Thank goodness for Ikea.

Jill just started her own blog, so head over and check it out ~ Living with aJILLity.

Thanks so much to all of my favorite gals for participating in the Favorite Things series.  I love to see what everyone chooses and find it interesting that, once again, we had a mix of old, new, family pieces, and ‘saved’ pieces.

º Where did you meet your ‘favorite gals’ (or guys)?

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Favorite Things {part 2}

For {part 2} of my Favorite Things series - see {part 1} here – I’ve asked a few blog & design friends to share their favorite thing in their houses. favorite things part 2

I hope you enjoy the mix of pieces they’ve shared – some DIY, some family treasures, and some repurposed pieces.  Also, be sure to take time to check all of these ladies’ amazing websites and blogs – I guarantee you’ll be inspired!

Christine Shepard ~ Iron Gate Interiors

Christine is a Certified Window Treatment Consultant (CWTC) and the owner of Iron Gate Interiors.  All of her products are expertly sewn with custom fabrics and one-of-a-kind details.  “As with many seamstresses, my love of sewing and fabrication was passed down from my mother.  As a young adult with a home of my own, my mother gave me my grandmother's old Singer and the drapery fabrication began.”

I actually met Christine while I was in high school!  I was a high school athlete and she was our school’s athletic trainer.  We've stayed in touch over the years, and as I’ve started my own design business, Christine has been a wonderful friend to turn to for advice and inspiration.

Family Rules Sign

It is difficult for me to choose my favorite thing in my home…..I have spent years making our house a home for my family and at each turn there is something that has a happy memory or special meaning for us.  I would say, however, that the family rules sign above our fireplace would have to be at the top of my “favs” list.  To me, this sign represents the qualities I want my children, as well as my husband and I, to treasure, and it gives us a daily reminder of the direction we’d like to take in life.  I love that it is such a statement piece.  A piece that not only looks beautiful, worn and loved, but one that can convey the feeling and character of those who live in our home.

family rules

I subscribe to several design/living blogs and came across Tara and her husband, Andy, at Between you & me.  I loved her musings as well as her sense of style and her commitment to her faith.  About two years ago, Tara featured one of her signs in one of her blog posts, and I think they started receiving orders like gangbusters.  She and her husband, Andy, began making multitudes more these custom signs in their driveway – to the point that once they had to stop production for a time because it was taking too much time away from their family/children.  I was fortunate to get my order in “under the wire”, and I believe they are back in production, so check it out!

family rules

Karen Guard ~ Darling Octopus

Karen is a graphic designer and a treasure hunter. “I hunt thrift stores, yard sales and flea markets to find the most unloved vintage furniture pieces and make them pretty again. I blog about all my furniture re-do’s at, write a do-it-yourself column in R•Home magazine, and teach paint techniques and furniture up-cycling classes at the Visual Art Center.”

I had the pleasure of hearing Karen speak at R•Home's Holiday event back in November. She is so creative and transforms other people's trash (literally ~ she'll take pieces off the street!) into amazing pieces.  I've enjoyed following her blog and learning from her tips and ideas.

Little Butcher Block Island

When we bought our 1920’s house, one of the things that really drew us to it was that a previous owner had a knocked a wall out of the kitchen. No longer was there a small galley kitchen, but a really open first floor with kitchen, dining and living rooms all flowing together. Of course, the kitchen is still smallish compared to modern day construction, but that is one of the reasons this butcher block is so perfect. It is the perfect size for a little mini island.

My husband’s parents had owned the butcher block for years, bringing it with them when they moved cross country from California. They weren’t currently using it but couldn’t bear to part with it. So when we bought our house it wasn’t too hard to convince them that it should have a new home. I love the solid wood chunkiness of the butcher block, but mostly I love all the good times that we’ve had around this piece of furniture. We are pretty serious about food and when we have people over, everyone heads straight to the kitchen. We’ve spent countless evenings sitting with friends around our little butcher block island crammed full of yummy snacks and drinks.

butcher block

Lindsay Cowles ~ Lindsay Cowles Art

Lindsay Cowles is an abstract artist “inspired by raw texture, movement and colors found in nature blended with many of the similar elements recreated through interior design.”  After spending time in New York and California, Lindsay returned to her hometown of Richmond, VA to follow her passion of painting.

Lindsay and I were introduced through a mutual friend and she invited me in to her studio at Plant Zero.  After our meeting and seeing all of her amazing pieces, I left feeling inspired and energized.

Louis XV upholstered bed

My favorite piece is my Louis XV upholstered bed from 1800s France.  It’s a unique piece that tells a story from a different era.  I found it in Richmond, VA at Thomas Hines Antiques about 10 years ago.  When I came across the bed it was covered in a very old tattered fabric and I had to envision what it would look like reupholstered.  I was drawn to the intricate carving on the headboard and footboard and the unique curved shape of the footboard.  The great thing about this bed is that it can work well in a contemporary setting.  I absolutely love pairing antiques with modern art.

Louis XV bed

Erin White ~ Richmond Thrifter

Erin is a stay at home mom of two (ages 4 and 1 1/2).  She's a University of Richmond grad (woot woot!), and taught 1st grade before having her kiddos.  "I LOVE shopping thrift stores, salvage yards, goodwill, etc.  My husband is tired of me bringing home new 'projects' from all these places!  I started a blog to share all the great furniture and decor finds that I didn't buy, but that I thought my readers might like!  I also share a project or two of my own."

I stumbled upon Erin's blog over a year ago and have loved following her as she shares her incredible finds.  Being a fellow Spider, I knew she would have good taste ;)!  Erin also has a booth with the pieces she finds at Class & Trash, so go check her out!

Card Catalog

I'm so excited to be a part of this blog series!  My house is full of favorite things, so...let me tell you, it was very hard to pick just one!  I'm an avid thrifter finding treasures at my local thrift, consignment and Goodwill type stores.  My blog is a way to share my finds and any makeover projects I complete on them.  Ladies and Gents, I have found some serious treasures along the way so picking one favorite thing is like asking me to pick my favorite child!  Can't be done!

 But....I will say this little guy holds a very special place in my heart.  A friend from college who reads the blog saw it at an auction and snatched it up for me.  She knew a card catalog was on my thrifting bucket list and I will be forever indebted to her!  At first I thought I would paint it since the drawers were different colors but when I put it in the checkerboard formation I fell even more in love.

Thank you so much for having me Cathy!  Thrilled to share my favorite thing!  Hope you all like!!

Christine ~ Park House Love

Christine lives with her fiancé Devin and their two crazy dogs in Northern California.  “I love anything and everything DIY and am gradually turning our house into a home one project at a time.  I have a devout love for pretty fabrics, herringbone, the color greige and perusing flea markets, thrift stores and garage sales for my next project.”

Christine and I met when she emailed me with a question about the chair my sister and I reupholstered.  I’ve enjoyed following Christine’s blog as she shares DIY tips, recipes, and the details of her upcoming wedding!

Fireplace Hearth

My favorite thing is our new fireplace hearth that Devin and I retiled ourselves in a herringbone pattern using black slate.  Not only is herringbone my favorite pattern, but I love that we did it ourselves.  The fireplace is the focal point of our open floor plan living/dining space and is the first thing your eye moves to when you walk through the door.  My next project is to paint the fireplace white so that the slate really pops and so that I have a blank canvas to add pops of color to in the living room.



A huge thank you to all of these wonderfully talented ladies for participating in my Favorite Things series!  Don’t forget to visit their websites / blogs and be sure to leave them a note saying ‘hi’.

Iron Gate Interiors  ~  Darling Octopus  ~  Lindsay Cowles Art

Richmond Thrifter   ~  Park House Love 

° What is your favorite design / inspiration blog or website?

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Favorite Things {part 1}

When you walk into your house, aside from the lovely people or pets you share it with, is there one thing that is your favorite?  Throughout the summer I’m going to run a series of ‘Favorite Things’ to showcase various people’s favorite items in their homes.  Today, I’m starting with my own favorite thing, and I’ve asked my family to share their favorite things as well. favorite things



My favorite thing in our house is our dining room chandelier.  When we moved into our house four years ago, it was the first DIY project I tackled.  The chandelier was a traditional brass chandelier, but I wanted to freshen it up and make it feel more like us.  With a few coats of white spray paint and just enough dangling crystals to add sparkle without being over the top, I was able to create a one-of-a-kind piece for our dining room.  I love how the white fixture pops off of our new blue walls.

dining room chandelier

dining room chandelier

My husband, Andrew:

My favorite thing about our house is the view of our front porch during the summer.  In particular, I like the left corner of the porch looking towards the dining room window as you walk up the front steps.  There is great contrast between the red rose bush and the white columns of the porch along with the festive colors of the hanging basket and window box full of geraniums.

front porch

front porch flowers

My mom:

When Cathy asked me to pick my “favorite thing”, I thought about choosing the two small rocks I brought back from my trip to Ireland in ’03 which sit on my dresser.  But I assumed they were probably not the type of decorative item that she was looking for.  So, I decided on my collection of glass and china items.  I have plates, tea cups, bowls, vases, pitchers and tea sets that have been either passed down through our families or I have collected myself.  When I go into a store, these are always what I am drawn to first.  I love the intricate patterns and the vibrant colors.  I love both antique and contemporary styles.  I display as much as I can to add charm and interest to a room, but confess that I have too many items to put out.  Most are inexpensive, but all are special treasures to me.  If I had to narrow it down to just one favorite, I would probably choose the Japanese tea cup that came from my mother-in-law’s home.  The tiny painted figures are all wearing exquisitely beautiful kimonos.  The craftsmanship is incredible and the china is so paper-thin you can almost see through it.  I don’t know the history of this piece – I wish I did!  I should learn to ask more questions.  This piece sits on the table next to the chair where I usually sit to read, so I can enjoy it often.

Japanese china

Japanese china

My dad:

My favorite things are the two corner cupboards that came from my family.  The larger one is cherry and came from my grandparents’ home in Richmond.  The smaller one is pine and was purchased by my parents at an antique store in Richmond when they were first married.  Both of them are stately pieces that have served my family with grace and style for many years.  They display items that are both decorative and sentimental, and carry with them cherished memories of their own.  I hope they will continue to provide faithful service for many generations to come.

corner cabinet

corner cabinet

My sister:

This chair was an antique store find, in a small town in Southwest Virginia where my husband's grandmother lives.  As you can see it was beautiful, but was in need of some new fabric.  I've never recovered anything before, but with my creative sister encouraging me, we decided to take on the project.  I just love how the fabric really updated the chair, and I love repurposing! (reupholstered side chair step-by-step)

reupholstered chair

My brother-in-law:

The deck has always been my favorite spot in the house, but I have a much greater appreciation for it after several recent projects to “improve” it.  I finally cleaned and stained the deck after four years of living in our house.  With the help of my handy neighbor I also installed latticework that could withstand a hurricane.  We recently added a storage box to provide more seating and a hiding place for our son’s outdoor toys.  The awning we installed a few years ago makes it a comfortable sitting area in most any weather, which hopefully will buy me some time for that screened in porch my wife keeps talking about.

deck & awning

deck lattice work

My nephew:

These trains have been Brycen's favorite ever since his grandparents gave them to him over 2 years ago.  There isn't a day that goes by that he doesn't play with them.  The train table is also a repurposed piece of furniture.  It was an old 'honey' colored coffee table of ours that almost went to Goodwill.  We decided to keep it and repaint it, and now we have the perfect use for it!

train play table

train play table

It is always interesting to see and hear about other people's favorite things.  I love how we all picked different types of items - some old, some new, some indoor, some outdoor, some repurposed, and some with family history.

º What is your favorite thing?  

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