Patchwork Chaise Lounge

A few months ago, I received this email in my inbox:“Dear Mrs. Green,

2 years ago I built with my wife a house close to Vienna, Austria.

Yesterday my wife found in the internet a patchwork chaise lounge – exactly the same like on your homepage (very coloured).

Can you help me, where I can get this, what is the price, ….

I want to surprise my wife to her birthday…

Thank you for your help.”

He was referring to this patchwork chaise lounge that I showed as an example of a fun way to recover an antique piece.  (original post)

patchwork chaise

With my email address accessible on the internet, I wasn't sure if this was a spam email or not.  I decided, though, that if it was in fact real, I would want to help this man find the chaise for his wife.

I responded with a few options, but I was unable to track down the manufacturer of the exact chaise.

Four days later, I received this response:

“Dear Cathy

I found the factory (in London!!!) which produces exact the chaise lounge I am looking for:

They have a lot of very, very nice products – maybe you can use it for your job.

Thank you again for your help.”

I was so happy that he was able to find what he was looking for.  The production took 12 weeks – I can only imagine their anticipation in waiting for the chaise to arrive.

Last week he sent me an email with several pictures of their new patchwork chaise lounge.  What a cool space for this eye-catching piece!

patchwork chaise lounge

patchwork chaise lounge

The white bookshelves are the perfect backdrop for the colorful chaise. Who wouldn't want to curl up and read here?

patchwork chaise lounge

patchwork chaise lounge

While it may not suit everyone’s taste, it’s hard to deny that this is truly an amazing piece of furniture!

And it looks like they ordered a matching table as well.

patchwork chaise lounge

patchwork chaise lounge

I am so happy that I decided to respond to this kind gentleman, and even happier that he was able to find the piece that they were looking for – the power of the internet!

º Would you put this chaise in your home?

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Our Household Must-Haves

As warmer weather arrives and spring cleaning commences, I started thinking about what are our household must-haves.  What are the items that we use on regular basis that make our lives easier?  What items do we use around the house that have more than one purpose? Today, I’ll share the ‘Top Five Green Household Must-Haves’.  Please feel free to leave a comment below to share your must-haves!

household must haves

#1 A good vacuum cleaner

vacuum cleaner

A few years ago we met a guy whose family owns a local vacuum store (Willett Vacuum).  We had just gotten Charlie, our first dog, and we already had two cats.  The amount of fur and dirt in our house was getting out of control and we needed to upgrade our vacuum.  I visited the store, told them our needs, tested out various models and decided on this Riccar vacuum.  It easily transitions from carpet to hardwood, and does a master job on cleaning up all of the pet hair that accumulates in every nook and cranny around our house.  As the main vacuumer in our house, this is definitely one of my must-haves.

#2 A lint roller

lint roller

A good lint roller is also a necessity in a house full of animals.  We now have two dogs (one yellow, one black) and one cat (white), so leaving home without animal fur on us somewhere is almost impossible.  A lint roller by the door sure helps though.  In addition to using the lint roller on clothing, I’ve also found a few other useful tasks that truly make it a must have:

-cleaning lamp shades (have you ever noticed how dusty they can get?) -cleaning the tops of window treatments (when I’m in a hurry and don’t have time for a full vacuum)

#3 Green All-Purpose Cleaner

multi surface cleaner

I like to wipe down our kitchen counters every night, and I prefer to use a green, natural cleaner.  This multi-purpose cleaner comes in handy all over the house though, from the bathrooms to the basement.  Right now we have the Seventh Generation lemongrass scent, but I prefer the smell of the Clorox Green Works, so we’ll probably be going back to that as soon as this bottle runs out.

#4 A filtered showerhead

filtered shower head

(Don't you love our 1940's Tiffany blue tile?!)

Where we live, our water is hard and harsh.  About a year ago, I was having a hard time with dry skin and an itchy scalp.  I had tried various lotions and shampoos, but nothing really seemed to do the trick in minimizing my symptoms.  I decided to buy a filtered showerhead to see if it would help.  Boy, did it ever!  I could immediately feel a difference in the hardness of the water.  As a result, my skin is less dry, my hair is softer, and my scalp is no longer itchy.

There are many choices available for filtered showerheads, but I chose this Sprite model from Lowe’s.  We flip the filter once a month and change it out for a new one every three months.  Definitely worth it, and definitely a must-have for us!

#5 A good tape measure

tape measure

This was Andrew’s pick for a household must-have.  Whether it’s measuring for furniture placement, for picture hanging, or for building something, a good tape measure is a necessity for us.  Andrew actually put this one in my stocking this year because he was tired of me ‘borrowing’ his ;)!

º What are your household must-haves?

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Design Trends for 2013

I know that we are already over a month into 2013 (I can hardly believe it!), but I wanted to share a few design trends that I predict will be popular in 2013. Brass

The first design trend is brass.  Brass accents in lighting, hardware, and accessories are back in a big way!

breakfast nook


The past several years have been filled with brushed nickel, but brass is making a comeback. 

brass accents


If you already have brass door knobs and other hardware in your home, you’re in luck!  And if you've changed everything out for brushed or polished nickel, don’t worry – those finishes are still in.  Keep your eye out though for a fun mirror, étagère, bar cart, or other unique piece that will work in your home.

brass etagere


Colors- Emerald Green & Neutral mixed with color

Emerald green is the Pantone 2013 color of the year.  Emerald is a beautifully rich jewel tone that pairs well with many colors – yellows, blues, pinks, purples, other greens –almost anything really.

emerald family room


A few ways to incorporate emerald green into your home: pillows, lampshades, a new front door color, or a painted piece of furniture.

emerald dining chairssource

Another color trend I see continuing in 2013 is popularity of grays and neutrals mixed with splashes of color.

gray and color living room


Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors and patterns to find a balance that works for you.  In this mostly neutral living room, the red chandelier adds a fun focal point, while the blue accents on the two lamps are much more subtle, but equally interesting.

neutral & color living roomsource

By keeping the walls and sofa neutral, this mix of color and pattern works to create a fun and personalized living room. (Did you notice the brass lamp and side table?)

neutral & color living room


Rustic & Industrial

A third design trend I see for 2013 is the use of rustic and industrial pieces mixed into spaces.  They could be used together, although not necessarily.

This living room has a fairly formal feel to it.  The rustic wooden console table and metal lantern, however, work really well in the space and add unexpected touches to the room.

modern rustic living room


In this cozy den, the light fixture and small red stool provide the industrial elements.  All of the wood pieces – paneling, chair, and accessories – keep the room from feeling too cold.

rustic porch


Rustic doesn't always mean wood though.   Try layering textures, like a faux fur throw and a hand woven ottoman, to create a warm and inviting space.

rustic dining room


I love that all of these design trends are so different, yet easily could be incorporated into any home and to suit any style.  I am sure that we will also see many more trends emerge in 2013.

º Will you be incorporating any of these design trends, or others, into your home this year?

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Easy Holiday Decorating

Do you tend to decorate for the holidays throughout the season, or do you prefer to put everything out in one day?  Whatever your preference, here are a few easy holiday decorating tips to help jump start your holiday décor. Christmas family room



Pillows are a fun way to add color or sparkle to a room.  Swap out your everyday pillows in the family room, living room, or bedrooms with fun, holiday pillows.  Choose traditional red pillows:

Holiday pillows


Neutral pillows:

neutral holiday pillows


Or a modern pattern with a little added sparkle:

snowflake pillow



Candles are another easy thing to switch out around the house for the holidays.  Whether you have tapers in the dining room or pillars on the mantel, replacing your everyday candles with more festive ones is a small detail that will make a big impact.

Follow this tutorial for wrapping candles to create a custom look in your space.

christmas candles

Try mixing things up and using candles with non-traditional shapes to coordinate with your decorations.

christmas tree candles


I love all things that glitter and sparkle.  To make your own glittery candles, check out this tutorial.

glitter candles



If you have a tray that you normally keep out, it doesn't necessarily have to be put away for the holidays.  Dress it up with pretty ornaments and vases for a beautiful coffee table display.

ornaments & tray


Color-coordinate a tray to your accessories and use it on a bar or sideboard while entertaining.

red tray


If you don’t know how to style a tray or if you don’t think you have anything to decorate it with, check out this tray makeover from Fern Creek Cottage.

rustic tray

Andrew and I did buy and decorate our Christmas tree this weekend.  Other than that though, we haven’t done much decorating.  I’m more of a ‘decorate throughout the holidays’ kind of gal.  I do have a few craft projects that I’m planning, so I’ll be sure to share as they are completed.

º What decorations have you started with this year?

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Today marks the one year anniversary of the Cathy Green Interiors blog! birthday cake


Over the past year, I have shared ideas, inspiration, crafts, DIY projects, and much more.  To celebrate the blogoversary, I wanted to recap my 10 favorite posts from the past year.

1.  My first post ~ Sweet Frog Mood Board

Dessert was the inspiration for my first blog post!  I created a mood board for a welcoming blue and yellow foyer.  With a giveaway to Sweet Frog, I hoped to bribe readers into following my blog ;)!

2.  Merry Mantel

I participated in my first link party with our red and silver mantel.  Leading up to this post, I also gave tutorials for the three wreaths (here, here, and here) and for the Pom Pom Christmas Tree.

3.  Cous Cous Inspired Bedroom

Another mood board and another giveaway!  I had so much fun searching for all of the Moroccan themed items for this bedroom.

cous cous inspired bedroom4.  Fabulous Side Chair Facelift

My sister, Beth, and I worked hard to reupholster her antique store find.  I have received numerous comments on this post asking me about her fabric and where to find it (we purchased at Williams & Sherrill); we must have made a good choice!

reupholstered chair

5. My First Guest Post ~ for Saffron Marigold

I was excited to write a guest post for another blog!  Saffron Marigold has so many beautiful hand printed linens, and their Chasing Butterflies bedspread was the jumping off point for this bohemian girl’s chic bedroom.

Bohemian Butteflies Bedroom mood board6.  Dining Room Reveal

Andrew and I spent about 12 hours stenciling our dining room.  Even though it was a lot of hard work, we love how it turned out!

Blue stenciled dining room7.  Style Trend ~ Neon

Neon isn’t just for the 1980s!  It is back in fashion and in home décor.  From pillows and lighting to artwork and accessories, there are so many ways to bring a fun pop of color into your home.

neon pillows


8.  Filing Cabinet Makeover

I made organizing fun by turning a regular filing cabinet into an attractive accent piece of furniture.  This project was also featured on the blog Mod Podge Rocks!

Mod Podged filing cabinet

9.  Color Trend ~ Gray

Gray is the new beige, and it is a wonderfully versatile neutral.  It was fun to search for pictures of gray rooms paired with mint green, purple, coral, and yellow.

gray and purple living room


10.  Chippenham Playroom Project ~ Voting & Dedication Ceremony

Working with A Small Comfort to redo the children’s playroom at Chippenham Medical Center was an honor.   There were so many dedicated people that helped make the room transform into a special place for the children and their families.

playroom art wall

Thank you to everyone who has read, and continues to read my blog.  My transition from teaching high school into the design world has been exciting and I am thankful for all of the support that I have received along the way.

Here’s to another great year!

º  Which was your favorite post? º  Any requests for year two of the blog?

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Kitchen Countertops

This week a client asked me about concrete countertops. - What are the options with concrete?  Were they right for her?  Are they expensive? concrete countertop


There are many options available for countertops - from laminate to stainless steel - but today I will explore four options: concrete, granite, quartz, and wood.


Concrete is fairly new product for countertops, but one that is gaining popularity for its versatility and durability.  Concrete can be tinted and stained to almost any color, and it can be mixed with items such as glass and seashells to give each slab a unique look.

concrete countertops

concrete samples by Artisan Concrete Décor

Aside from the wide variety of colors, another advantage of concrete is that it can be poured and molded into any shape.  Decorative edges, custom shapes, drain trays, and drink coolers are all available with concrete.  Whatever you and your designer can imagine can pretty much be created with concrete.

ACD concrete kitchen island

kitchen island by Artisan Concrete Décor

Concrete is easy to care for, with little maintenance, and when examining prices, concrete is comparable to granite.

modern concrete bar kitchen

custom countertop by KitchensETC


For years, granite has been the standard in countertop selections.  Many people love the luxurious look and feel of granite.

DesignLine Kitchen3

kitchen by DesignLine Home Transformations

Granite is both heat resistant and stain resistant, making it a durable and versatile choice.  Because granite is a natural product, the colors and patterns found in the slabs are unique and beautiful.

DesignLine Kitchen4

kitchen by DesignLine Home Transformations

Granite is a classic choice for many families, and adds a custom look to any kitchen.

DesignLine Kitchen

kitchen by DesignLine Home Transformations


Quartz is also a new product on the countertop scene.  It is manufactured from natural quartz to create an extremely durable and versatile product.

Cambria Quartz countertop

Cambria Quartz

Quartz is available in a variety of colors and patterns – from dark to light, and from heavily patterned to mostly solid.  There are even quartz options that look like granite and marble. With such a wide variety of options - even red! - quartz can be used in any kitchen to coordinate with your taste and style.

quartz countertops colors


The price of quartz usually falls in line with that of a mid-range granite.  Quartz is a low-maintenance product and, unlike granite, it does not require wax or sealers.

Quartz countertop2



We often see wood butcher blocks, but it can also be used for kitchen islands, or even all of the countertops in a kitchen.

wood kitchen island


Wood countertops add warmth to the space and would naturally fit into a country kitchen.  I can also see them used in a modern kitchen mixed with industrial pendant lights and stainless steel appliances.

While wood countertops are not as durable as the above options, they are a more economical choice for homeowners wanting a custom look at a lower cost.

wood countertop


So, for my client whose question sparked this post, I advised her that concrete countertops were probably not the best selection for her traditional home.  While concrete countertops are beautiful, they felt a little too modern for her kitchen.  We are exploring several options, including granite and quartz, so we will see what she decides.

º Which of the four countertop options above would you use in your home?

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Looking through the different fall catalogs that have arrived in the mail over the past few weeks, I have noticed that stripes are a hot trend for the fall! C&B Suffolk Settee


From loveseats and sofas, to pillows, bath towels, and more, you can find almost any item you are looking for in a fun stripe.

One of my favorites that I saw is this fun wide-striped panel from Crate & Barrel.

C&B Alston Panel

Crate & Barrel is also promoting their Savino Sofa.  It’s very modern, and I’m not sure too many of these will sell in Richmond, VA, but in the right space, it is definitely a statement piece.

C&B Savino Sofa

If Pottery Barn is your go-to store, try this striped patch-work rug.  I can see it being a fun punch of color and pattern in a home office.  Or, use in a kid’s playroom and it would easily hide dirt and spills.

PB Patchwork Stripe rug

This striped bench caught my eye (also from Pottery Barn).  They show it in an entryway, but it would also look nice at the foot of a bed.

PB Tara Bench

Pier 1 always has great pillows and accessories.  Try 2 of the ‘ribbon-pillows’ (on the left) to add a little bit of luxury to your bedding.  Stripes don’t just have to run vertically or horizontially.  I love the diagonal stripes on this pillow.

Pier 1 striped pillows

Another variation of the traditional stripes is the patchwork table runner.  The fun patterns and bright colors could be dressed up for a dinner party or dressed down as an everyday item.  The fall colors in the runner on the right make it perfect for a Thanksgiving tablescape.

Pier 1 striped table runners

Do you ever switch up your lampshades?  These two lamp shades both use a similar pattern, but their color schemes give each one a different feel.  The black and white shade feels graphic and modern, while the red and tan shade would fit in perfectly with any shabby chic décor.

striped lamp shades

If you are looking to update your bedding, try this calming blue striped set from World Market.

World Market striped bedding

I also found these fun striped bath towels at World Market.  They would look great in any neutral bathroom to bring in a pop of color.

World Market striped bath towel

Did you know that Urban Outfitters carries home accessories?  I thought this half grey and half turquoise striped rug would be perfect for a tween/teen boy’s bedroom.

Urban Outfitters striped rug

I love how stripes can be modern or traditional.  They can be used with endless color combinations and are often a good pattern to use when trying to pull all of the colors of a room together.

A few questions for you today:

º Do you use stripes in your home’s décor? º What striped pieces have you spied in the fall catalogs? º Did you notice any other trends?

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Nontraditional Headboards


In a bedroom, the bed and the headboard are always the main focal point.  While there are many beautiful traditional headboard options available, there are also many nontraditional, DIY, and creative options.  If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your master bedroom, a guest room, or a kid’s room, check out these ideas for inspiration. Have you ever thought of painting a headboard directly on the wall?  Pick up the sample size from any paint store and this is probably the least expensive headboard you will ever create.  Choose a fun, bright color for a kid’s room, or a more subdued tone for a guest room and accessorize with fun pillows to complete the look.

painted headboard

painted headboard

If you don’t want to paint, but need to stay economical with your selection, consider a wall decal headboard.   These are also available in several colors and styles, and they can easily be changed or switched when you’re ready for a new look.

wall decal headboards

pink decal / gray decal

Folding screens are a great item to repurpose as a headboard.  They can often be found at antique and consignment stores, or even garden centers.  Be sure to think creatively when selecting a screen – they can be used ‘as is’, but don’t be afraid to paint it or use it horizontally for an unexpected effect.

folding screen headboard

wooden folding screen headboard

folding screen headboard

yellow vines folding screen headboard

folding screen headboard

turquoise horizontal folding screen headboard

If you can’t find a folding screen check a local home décor store like Pier 1, Home Goods, or Hobby Lobby for other decorative features that could be hung in a similar way.

metal scroll headboard

metal vines headboard

Another way to create a big impact with your headboard is to find a fun wallpaper or fabric and frame it out with molding.  If you choose a bright or busy pattern, keep the pillows and bedding simple so that they don’t compete with the headboard.

wallpaper headboard

wallpaper headboard

Using a mantel not only gives you the look of a headboard, but it also provides a functional shelf for frames or other décor.  To bring more interest and softness to the piece, add a custom tufted cushion.

mantel headboards

mantel & cushion / rustic mantel

Mantels aren’t the only things that can be repurposed as headboards.  Old windows or shutters can be used to create a rustic look.  You can also customize them with paint or by filling the panes or panels with fabric.

shutter & window headboards

windowpane headboard / shutters headboard

If you’re feeling especially crafty, you can build your own headboard with wood.  Use a ‘x’ detail to give the piece a barn door feeling, or paint it to coordinate with pillows and fabric already in the room.

wood headboards

rustic wood headboard / turquoise headboard

If you’re looking for or are planning to make a nontraditional headboard, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  1.  Know the width of your mattress.  You do not want to purchase a headboard that is too wide or not wide enough for your space.  The headboard should be at least as wide as the mattress.
  2. Keep the style of your room in mind.  If your bedroom is elegant and feminine, a pair of rustic shutters is probably not the best choice for that space.
  3. Be creative.  If you find a piece you love there is always a way to make it work!

º Do you have a traditional or non-traditional headboard in your bedroom?

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Olympic Fever ~ Gold, Silver, & Bronze

Were you as hooked on the London 2012 Olympics as I was?  Every night, I could not wait to see the prime time coverage! london olympic medals


If you’re missing the excitement of the games, try adding a few of these accessories to your décor in order to help you bring the gold, silver, and bronze feeling into your home all year long.

This beautiful capiz shell chandelier ($69.99) captures all three hues in one piece.  Hung over a kitchen table it would add a coastal feel to the space, or add it to a tween girl’s bedroom for a touch of sophistication.

capiz hanging pendant


Spruce up your dining room table with this metallic bronze dinnerware ($24 for the set).  They would mix well with all white dishes, or for added interest, include a pop of color - like a purple tablecloth or an orange flower arrangement.

bronze dinnerware


Another option in the dining room would be to pair the silver Dahlia placemat ($9.95) with a shimmery gold napkin ($1.95).  Add a crisp white tablecloth, and line the middle of the table with the silver and gold votives shown below ($4.95) to complete the Olympic inspired tablescape.

silver placemat & gold napkin

1 / 2

gold & silver votive


Bring a touch of elegance to your bedroom with the soft and romantic Vanilla Glacé duvet cover from Saffron Marigold (Queen ~ $159.99).

white & gold duvet


To compliment the Vanilla Glacé duvet cover, hang this pearl, gold, and silver mirror ($179.95) over the dresser.  Who wouldn’t feel pretty looking into this beautiful and sparkly mirror every morning?

pearl & gold mirror


The playful dot pattern on this pillow ($32) keeps it from feeling too formal.  You could use it on a sun porch, in a living room, or in a bedroom as a fun accent to the rest of the space.

silver & gold dot pillow


To create a unique focal point over a kitchen island, choose one of these bronze industrial pendant lights ($129-$145) and use two or three of them to line the island.

bronze pendant lights

1 / 2 / 3

Finally, if you prefer just a small reminder of the Olympics, try this group of three mini mercury glass vases ($49.50).  Keep them empty for a no-fuss accessory, or fill each one with a single stem for a simple arrangement.

mini mercury vases


º There are so many to choose from, but what was your favorite London 2012 Olympic moment?

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Everything Vintage


A few weekends ago I was working on my Mod Podged filing cabinet, when I received a text from my sister with this picture: blue cart

Just as I was looking at the picture, she called and the following conversation ensued:

Beth:  Hey!  What are you doing? Me:  Mod Podging my filing cabinet. Beth:  Ummmm, ok.  Did you get my text? Me:  Yes, I was just looking at it.  Where are you? Beth:  I’m right outside of Williamsburg.  I just bought that! Me:  What?  What are you going to do with it? Beth:  I’m not sure, but I love it!  This store is awesome; we have to come back down here.  Well, actually, I really need to come back down because I can’t fit it in my car today. Me:  Ok, sounds good to me!

On her way back from photographing a wedding in Williamsburg, Beth stumbled upon Everything Vintage.

everything vintage

They describe the store as: “eclectic, primitive, and retro furniture and home décor.”  They also carry vintage clothing and they can make custom pieces.  Beth is actually having them make something for her ~ I can’t wait to see how it turns out and share it with you!

We were finally able to schedule a trip down there on July 4th.  The store is amazing and the owners – Jennifer & Jason – are as nice as they can be!

When we first walked in the store, we saw this unique kitchen island.  The top is a 3” thick reclaimed butcher block and the base is cast iron.  It has so much character to it!  This would fit in with any style kitchen, from country to modern, and would be a conversation piece for sure.

reclaimed butcher block

Another kitchen item was this beautiful table.   Jason constructed it from a solid piece of maple and cast iron legs.  He said it’s the biggest single piece of maple he’s worked with.

maple salvage table

I tried to rationalize bringing home this blue base farm table, but for some reason I couldn’t convince Andrew that we need two dining room tables ;)!

blue base farm table

They have quite the collection of vintage accessories, including these industrial looking fans.

vintage fans

Jason revamped this iron church chandelier that dates from the late 1800’s.  It would make a grand statement in an entry foyer!

antique church lantern

Perfect for a kid’s room, this green and blue cupboard could hold books, toys, clothes, or even hide a small TV.

green and blue cupboard

This distressed grey cupboard was stunning.  I love how the three drawers are left in a wood tone.  Andrew liked it too because it was from his hometown ~ Roanoke, VA!

grey cupboard

Two other tables / islands that caught my eye were this green one with a zinc top:

green island

And this white one with a metal top:

metal top table

I’ve saved two truly unique pieces for last.  Jason was excited to show us both of these.  First is this vintage Texaco gas station sign.  To the untrained eye, it may not seem like much, but he explained that because it is:  1. in good condition  2. double sided  &                3. hanging from its original hardware, it is a coveted piece for collectors.

vintage texaco sign

The last piece I have to share with you is truly one-of-a-kind.  To create this desk, Jason used reclaimed wood for the top, cast iron bases & rods, and vintage light fixtures.

reclaimed desk

He even included a light switch so that you wouldn’t have to plug in the lamps when you want to use them.  How smart is that!

reclaimed desk

We had a great time visiting Everything Vintage, and it was definitely worth the trip down Route 60.  At only 40 miles from Richmond, I recommend that you take a trip down to the shop too!

everything vintage

If you can’t make it down there, check out their website and Facebook page for updates on their inventory!

When Beth got home, she sent me a picture of her new coffee table.  I love it!  The distressed blue finish, the vintage wheels – it’s perfect!

blue coffee table

º I wanted everything in the store! Which piece would you buy for your home?

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