Kitchen Renovation ~ Final Reveal

Our kitchen is finally complete!

(A huge thank you to Beth Furgurson Photography for all of the photos in this post!)

white kitchen

Here is a recap of the four phases of the project:

white kitchen 4 phases

part 1 / part 2 / part 3 / part 4

For details and sources of our kitchen renovation project, please visit the posts above. Otherwise, simply enjoy the photos of our brighter, bigger, airier kitchen!  It was a long process, but we are so happy with the final results and have been enjoying the space with family and friends.

blue stenciled dining room
Charlie was a good helper during the photo shoot! :)

white kitchen and blue stenciled dining room

white kitchen from dining room

white kitchen peninsula with stools

A close-up of the cork board/chalk board/mail center that Andrew made.

diy mail center

white kitchen

Our backsplash and granite:

marble backsplash & luna pearl granite

We found the lantern over the sink at an antique store and spray painted it gray to match the rest of the kitchen.

kitchen sink

Even though it is skinny, the pantry next to the refrigerator gives us a lot of extra storage. I am so glad we were able to fit that into the design plan!

white kitchen refrigerator

I searched for a while for the perfect window treatment fabric.  Once I found this one, I knew it was the one!

door window valance

The view from the backdoor:

white kitchen into dining room

And one more time, just for fun...Before:

kitchen before


white kitchen

º Have you ever completed a kitchen renovation?  How long did it take you?

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Guest Post ~ DIY inspiration

Today, I am excited to have a guest post from the very talented Heidi from Saffron Marigold! Heidi & Saffron Marigold

Heidi Muller is an enthusiast for all things creative. A mom by day and artist by night, she currently blogs for Saffron Marigold - a boutique maker of high quality, hand printed Indian textiles.  She delights in unique, eclectic decor that is eye-catching and not bank-breaking.

Heidi found my blog when I posted the Cous Cous inspired bedroom, and we have become blog pen pals since then.  Heidi and I share a love of beautiful textiles, colors, and DIY projects.  I am so happy to have her with us!


Hi everyone! My name is Heidi, and I am visiting today from Saffron Marigold. I'm so honored that I have the opportunity to guest blog on Cathy Green Interiors! Cathy has a wealth of (amazing!) DIY inspiration that she shares with you regularly, so I thought I'd join in the fun with a bit of my own.

My design inspirations and ideas:

  • I LOVE textiles- I find that they add instant color, texture, warmth and personality to my space.
  • I have 5 (yes, 5 :)) kids, so fun, functional, simple and thrifty decor is a must.
  • I have always loved a good "find", and tag sales, thrift stores and antique shops are favorite resources.

Room 1: Color Blocked Living Room

This room is convergence of inherited antiques, Craig's List finds and DIY art. Interestingly, they all hang together as independent blocks of color - primarily purple, red, yellow and green. As long as colors are equally bold, and are given equitable visual space, they will all play together nicely.

Easy (thrifty) DIY's:

  • Painted Chargers - I found a set of bamboo chargers at Target several years back. They have a wonderful natural texture, were quite solid and perfectly priced - $6 for all! The chargers did, however, beg to be painted. The bamboo surface responded beautifully to several layers of rubbed acrylic paints. (Somehow, I didn't notice that these were "stop light" colors until I hung the pieces in a column!) I do love to hang pieces in groups...same-size/shape objects create wonderful graphic impact.
  • Framed Fabric - I have a problem with frames. More specifically, I love to collect them second hand, rip out dated artwork, and fill them with paintings, collages and fabric. This huge yard-square black frame needed to be filled with a suzani print, so when the fabric store had a 1/2 price upholstery sale, I knew my moment had come! The print has 3 of my 4 primary colors, and adds a new one: turquoise. Even in a color blocked space, one can use an accent color... I pulled out an antique planter to tease out a bit more turquoise (but not too much!)

Room 2: Global Glam Office

My small office is part library, part art studio, and part "blogger work space". Ultimately, it needs to work hard, but be very welcoming and inspiring. (You know us creative types - we have to be inspired! :)) So while this room contains a desk, book shelves and art-supply storage, I'm sharing my favorite part with you - a cozy window seating space where I plop down with a book or laptop to read and work.

As a Saffron Marigold blogger, I have at my disposal 30 or so gorgeous, global, hand-printed cotton swatches which I keep on hand in my office. I love to move them around and use these large pieces in my decor, changing them seasonally or as the mood strikes.

In this scenario, I am using elegant Vanilla Glacé atop a sweet little mid-century table (with a rotating top) which I found at the thrift store. Over another unique thrifty find, dubbed "the princess chair" by my kids, I have draped one of my favorite prints: Dance O Peacock. I can't believe what a perfect match the gold-ochre is for the gold velvet in the chair!

Finally, India Rose is embellishing one of my favorite objects, an original sunburst clock frame which I literally found in a closet when we moved into our home. I removed the clock face from the piece and have replaced it with a bit of fabric. I like the result - part opulent, part eclectic and perfectly inspiring.

Now for a Pop-Quiz...

Just kidding, but I do have a couple questions for you...

  • What special finds (thrifty or otherwise) have inspired design in your home?
  • How have you used fabric to change the feel of a room? Have you used it in any "non-traditional" ways?
  • What colors are you drawn to again and again? Do you use different palettes to evoke different moods?

If you have a minute, share your thoughts in the comments! I know both Cathy and I would love to hear from you.


Thanks so much Heidi for sharing your ideas and inspiration with us!

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Filing Cabinet Makeover

Today, I’m going to show you how to transform a plain old filing cabinet from this: filing cabinet before

To this!

mod podged filing cabinet

I needed a filing cabinet for my office and found this silver one at Staples.  It was feeling a little too boring for me though, so I decided to spruce it up.

The first step of the project was to spray paint the filing cabinet.  I used Rust-Oleum’s metal primer, and Valspar’s ‘Purple Fury’.

spray painting supplies

Before I began painting though, I wanted to block the four holes for the handles so that spray paint would not clog the holes or get inside of the filing cabinet.  To do this, I rolled up a small piece of aluminum foil and placed one inside each hole.  I also taped over the lock to protect that as well.

filing cabinet before

To paint the filing cabinet, I applied one coat of primer and three thin and even coats of the purple.  (For more spray painting tips, see here or here.)

filing cabinet painting steps

Once I was done painting the filing cabinet, I thought long and hard if I should do a next step, and if so, what would the next step be?  Should I leave it alone, stencil it, or Mod Podge it?

I felt that the plain purple was a little too plain for me, and I was still recovering from our dining room stencil project ;), so I decided that Mod Podging (a glue and sealer in one product) was the way to go.

I already had this fabric that I originally bought a few months ago to make a runner for our dining room, but with the new color scheme it no longer coordinates with the room.  It was, however, perfect for this project.

Braemore Radiance fabric

To start the Mod Podging process, I measured the drawers and found a piece of paper to use as a template that was almost the same size as the drawers.

measuring fabric

I picked the two flowers I liked the best and used the paper as a guide to cut around them.  The drawers on the filing cabinet are 13” x 10 ½”, and I knew I would need at least an inch of extra fabric to wrap around the drawers.  I cut the fabric about 18” x 15” just to be sure I would have enough.

fabric squares

Once the squares were cut, it was time to start Mod Podging.  Since I’ve only done one other Mod Podge project (here), I checked out a few websites for tips and tutorials.  I found these two sites to be the most helpful:  Mod Podge Rocks & Cottage at the Crossroads.

My first step was to paint a thin and even layer of Mod Podge onto the fabric.

mod podging fabric

Once that layer of Mod Podge was completely dry, I was ready to apply it to the filing cabinet.  I propped open the doors of the filing cabinet with pieces of wood and positioned the fabric on the drawers.

fabric placement

Next, I folded back half of the fabric and applied Mod Podge to that side of the drawer.  For this step, I was sure to use plenty of Mod Podge to provide a strong and even seal of the fabric to the drawer.  It is important not to let the Mod Podge dry before you adhere the fabric to it.  In order to ensure that the Mod Podge did not dry, I worked on half of each drawer at a time.  Here you can see how I folded back the fabric and how much Mod Podge I applied to part of this drawer.

mod podging filing cabinet

Once I applied the Mod Podge to half of the drawer, I folded back the fabric and pressed it firmly to the drawer.  In order to avoid having bubbles in a Mod Podge project, it is important to completely and firmly smooth out the fabric during this step.

The next step was to trim the fabric.  I also cut a slit in each corner so that the fabric would easily wrap around the corners

slit fabric corners

The last step of the process was to apply the top coats of Mod Podge.  I applied three thin and even coats to the top of the fabric to provide a strong seal and protective coating.  For the sides, I wrapped the fabric around the drawer and followed the same steps – one coat under to glue it down and three coats over to protect it.

When the last coat was dry, I was excited to see the finished product.  I removed the wood from the drawers, flipped it upright, and wow!

mod podged filing cabinet

With a spruced up finished, I thought the filing cabinet needed prettier drawer pulls than the ones that came with it.  I found these online and am waiting for them to arrive.

polished nickle drawer pull


I am so happy with how the filing cabinet turned out.  The layers of Mod Podge make the fabric feel durable and protected.  I actually look forward to filing papers now!

mod podged filing cabinet***Update, the handles have arrived!

Mod Podged filing cabinetMod Podged filing cabinetMod Podged filing cabinet

º How do you make organizing and filing fun?

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Spring Décor & Crafts

With Easter just a few days away I’ve been feeling encouraged to do a spring craft project.  While searching for inspiration, I found so many cute ideas. A mantel decorated with pastel colors, shimmery thread, and flowers is elegant and classy.

easter mantel

Martha Stewart

Here is a mantel that uses natural elements and bright colors to create a shabby / chic feel.

easter mantel

If you need a simple project, one that could be done with your children, check out this Easter egg garland made from paint chips.  Any patterned or colorful paper would work for this project.

easter egg garland

Modern Parents Messy Kids

If you’re looking for a unique centerpiece idea, use this tutorial to design your own custom vases.  Mix and match colors and flowers to create the feel you desire.

DIY spring flowers and vases

A Little Lavish

For my spring décor project, I decided we needed a door decoration for our front door.  Since I made so many wreaths at Christmas time (here, here, & here), I went in search of other ways to embellish the front door.

The first one I found was this umbrella overflowing with tulips and Easter eggs.

umbrella door decor

Better Homes & Gardens

Next, I found this adorable watering can that is also overflowing with tulips and Easter eggs.  (Can you tell what I’m drawn to?)

watering can door decor

Better Homes & Gardens

While I loved both of these, I was worried about how wide they would be.  We have a glass door in front of our main door, and I was not sure that something like one these would fit.

I decided to make a trip to Michael’s to see what I could find.

Combined with a few things I already had and a few items I found at Michael’s, here are the supplies I started with for the project:

Mod Podge door plaque supplies

Clockwise, starting with the stickers and circling in:

Alphabet stickers Paint brush ‘Tangerine’ craft paint Mod Podge Colorful paper Ribbon Wooden bird Sponge brushes Wooden plaque

My plan was to create a ‘Welcome’ plaque for the front door.  I have wanted to try Mod Podge, so I figured this was the perfect project to give it a shot.

Mod Podge is a glue, sealer, and finish all in one product that allows you to create and decoupage crafty projects.  Mod Podge can be used with paper, wood, fabric, furniture, and many other items.  They even make a glow-in-the-dark Mod Podge! Check out Mod Podge Rocks for more details and inspiration.

My first step was to paint the outer edge of the wood plaque.  I did not want to try to wrap the paper over the lip of the plaque, so I decided to paint it a coordinating color.

Mod Podge door plaque step1

From there, I followed these instructions from An Altered Obsession for Mod Podging.  Jenna is very thorough in her explanation, and she gives detailed step-by-step instructions and some very helpful tips.

After the last layer was dry, I glued on the bird (which I also Mod Podged), threaded the ribbon through 2 holes that Andrew drilled for me, and tied it to the front door:

Mod Podge door plaque

I love how it turned out and look forward to being ‘welcomed’ every time I come home!

Mod Podge door plaque

I've decided that Mod Podge is my new favorite crafting item, and I cannot believe that I’ve waited this long to discover it!  I will certainly be using it for future projects.

º What spring / Easter craft items have you created this year? º Have you Mod Podged?

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DIY Canvas Art

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I want to share with you one of my favorite presents to give this year.  From making my Christmas wreaths and other holiday decorations, I was in the crafting mood, so I decided to paint canvases for a few family members.

Here is the finished product of the first one I completed:

DIY canvas art

For the projects, I used:

• Various sizes of canvases • Craft paint • Paint brushes • Stickers • Painter’s tape

First, I painted the canvas the ‘base color’ – the color I wanted to show through as the letters.  For this canvas the base color was ‘purple yam’ - satin finish - from the Martha Stewart line of acrylic craft paint.

(After I took the picture, I decided to paint the sides of the canvas the same color as well.)

Once the base color was dry, I placed the stickers on the canvas.  I also used painter’s tape to cover the sides.

Once I was happy with the placement of the stickers, I applied the top coat.  For the top coat, I used Martha Stewart brand, ‘mother of pearl’ - pearl finish.  (It is showing up a little silvery in the pictures, but it is really more of a true pearl color.)  Here is the canvas with one coat of ‘mother of pearl’.

I painted three coats of the ‘mother of pearl’ in order to have the complete coverage that I wanted.

Once the last coat was dry, I was ready to remove the stickers.  This was the exciting part!  I realized however, that some of the ‘mother of pearl’ had bled underneath the stickers onto the ‘purple yam’ :(.

I was able to easily touch it up with a small paint brush and a steady hand.  (For the next canvas though, I decided to add a step:  Once the stickers were in place, I applied one more coat of the base layer over the stickers.  This ensured that any bleed through was that of the base color and not the top color.)

Here is the first canvas all touched up:

DIY canvas art

The ‘passion’ canvas was for my sister.  She is starting to re-do their downstairs bathroom and this will coordinate perfectly with the new color scheme.

Here is another canvas that I used the same ‘sticker method’ to create.  This one was for my sister-in-law.  Her favorite color is pink and her nickname is ‘Sparkle’ (well deserved), so I knew she would love it!

DIY canvas art

I also painted two other canvases using a more free-hand method.  I found images and clip art online to help guide me.  I also used a pencil to sketch it out first, as I was not quite confident enough to dive in with the paint brush right away!

The first one was for my mom.  It says: “Faith, Hope, Love”.  She is very interested in both the Chinese and Irish cultures, so I used the Chinese symbol for ‘Hope’ and the Gaelic word for ‘Love’.

DIY canvas art, faith hope love

The last canvas I painted was a pictogram.  Can you guess who I gave it to?  (I’ve blacked out the part at the bottom that would give it away.)  I had to be a little creative to come up with this one, but I really like how it turned out!

DIY canvas art, pictogram

I love to give personalized gifts, and these canvases were fun to make and fairly easy to create.  The hardest part was just waiting for each coat to dry in between layers!

º Who do you think I gave the pictogram to? º Did you give or receive any DIY gifts this year?

Pom Pom Christmas Tree

I love all of the sparkle and glitz of the Christmas season!  This season I decided to make some of our own Christmas decorations. Here is a picture of supplies I started with for my first project:

I ended up adding a few things as the project progressed, but my idea was to make a pom pom Christmas tree.  I bought a 20" Styrofoam tree, 100 silver pom poms, 400 white pom poms, and red and silver ribbon. (I already had the needle and thread.   All supplies from Michael’s, except the silver pom poms.)

My idea was to string the pom poms on the thread like garland and then glue each strand to the tree.  I figured that gluing a whole strand at a time would be much easier than gluing each individual pom pom onto the tree one….at….a….time.

I started stringing the pom poms and used a random order of silver and white poms to make the strands.

As I was stringing and testing my first few rows, I decided two things:

  1. I wanted a base to set the tree on and to support the bottom layer of pom poms.
  2. If any part of the white tree showed through the pom poms, I wanted it to be silver, not white.

So, I bought a white melamine plate from Target and spray painted it silver to make the base.

Since spray paint will melt Styrofoam, I had to come up with another idea for the tree.  Thanks to Andrew, who suggested covering it in silver wrapping paper!  I simply measured out the paper and hot glued it to the tree.  I knew most of it would be covered with the poms, so the pattern on the paper (also from Target) was not a concern.  I also didn’t worry about it being perfectly straight and smooth.  I then hot glued the base of the tree to the plate.

I was now ready to start gluing the poms to the tree.  I found the best method was to make about 4 or 5 rows at a time and then glue those rows.  It helped me with measuring how many poms I would need per strand.  (It’s not that easy to snap a quick picture of hot glue by yourself!)

While gluing, in order to best hide the ends of the string, I glued each strand and left space for one last pom.  I then put a dab of glue on a pom and pressed it right over the string to hide the knot.

Here it is about half-way done:

I wanted to keep the tree topper simple, so I used the red and silver ribbon to tie a bow and pin it in place with a straight pin.   Here is the finished Pom Pom Christmas Tree on the mantel:

Pom Pom Christmas Tree Pin It I’m working on the rest of the mantel, so there are more crafts, decorations, and pictures to come!  Next week, I’ll be sharing an easy wreath idea!

° What are you crafting for the Holidays?  What will be adorning your mantel? ° How many times did I use the word pom pom in this post!?

I've linked up to Centsational Girl's Holiday Craft Link Party.  Check out all of the inspiring craft ideas!

Easy as Pie Runner

(Yummm, pie! ~ Can you tell my mind is on Thanksgiving ;)? ) I've been looking for a runner to go on a buffet we have in our dining room.  The walls in our dining room are green, and we have blue in both adjoining rooms (kitchen and living room).  I wanted something that would tie all three rooms together but that would also have a ‘fallish’ feel to it.  When I saw this fabric at artéé fabrics & home, I knew I had to have it!

Here it is (“Bloom” designed by Thomas Paul for Duralee), washed, tumbled dry, and ready to be ironed.  While knowing how to sew with a sewing machine is on my ‘to learn’ list for the New Year, I wanted to go ahead and make the runner now in order to enjoy it through the fall.  So, I used Heat ‘n Bond hem tape.  (I bought mine at Michael’s, but you can find it at most craft stores.)

The blooms on the fabric were the perfect width for our space (13”), so I carefully folded the fabric along the top and bottom of one row of blooms.  Once it was all lined up, I ironed the folds to help hold them in place.

Next I laid out the hem tape and followed the instructions on the box for the best results.

Once it was all ironed and bonded, it was almost complete.  The only thing left to do was address the side edges of the runner.

I found this fabulous trim at U-fab that would give the runner a finished edge.

I trimmed the edges down, leaving almost no white fabric and lined up the trim to cover the edge.   I then used a needle and thread, and a simple straight stitch, to sew on the trim by hand.

Here is a finished picture of the trim:

And here is the runner on the buffet!

The colors are perfect, and I love seeing it every time I walk into the kitchen.  It is ready just in time for Thanksgiving.  Since we’re doing Thanksgiving at my parents’ house this year, I’m actually thinking of taking it with us over there in order to be able to enjoy it ;)!

° Have you made any ‘no-sew’ items recently?  ° What’s on your ‘to learn’ list for 2012?