Antiquing in Boone, NC

This weekend, Andrew and I went to Boone, NC, for a reunion weekend with his Appalachian State friends.  Boone is a beautiful town, and although it is normally still chilly this time of year, the weather was quite enjoyable. Boone, NC

I asked Andrew to schedule some time for us to explore a few antique shops while we were there.  The first one we stopped at was Vintage Vilas (website & facebook).

Vintage Vilas

In front of the store, they had an antique buggy.  I have never seen one like it before, so I was excited to see what other gems they had inside!

antique buggy

The first thing we saw inside the store was this 40’s diner set.

40s diner set

I’ve been thinking that when we (someday) have a house with a breakfast nook, it would be fun to furnish it with a 40’s or 50’s diner set or booth.  Andrew is not yet convinced of this decorating plan (although I know he’ll come around ;) ), but he always loves a good deal.  At only $99 for the whole set, I was almost able to persuade him to bring this one home!

This ‘shabby / chic’ white kitchen cupboard / cabinet was only $40!  It needed a little love – probably some reinforcement on the inside, but overall it was in good shape.  I can see it used in any number of rooms ~ kitchen, entryway, guestroom, bathroom.

antique kitchen cupboard

Because we are getting ready to paint our dining room peacock blue, these feathers caught my eye ($49.95 for the whole bouquet).

peacock feathers

These three children’s desks were only $85 total (her prices were fantastic!).  They would be cute in a playroom.

childrens desks

I loved the details on this oak sideboard.  The ‘x’ on the doors and the spindle legs add such interest to the piece. ($249)

Oak sideboard

One of the most unique items at Vintage Vilas was the Star Trek pinball machine ($1300).  It actually does work (I may or may not have played a game or two).  Who doesn’t need a pinball machine in their basement?

Star Trek pinball machine

From Vintage Vilas, we headed to King Street – the ‘main drag’ in Boone – and explored Appalachian Antiques.

Appalachian Antiques

Here, they had quite a few knick-knacks, such as these character glasses that reminded me of ones we had growing up.

cartoon glasses

They did have quite a few items, though, that caught my eye.  One of the first pieces I saw was this old wooden cart.  It would be perfect for an industrial looking coffee table ($495).

old wood coffe table, cart

In Boone, there are many rustic furniture pieces.  They have a distinct woodland look to them, and this branch chair and stool are a perfect example.  While not right for our Richmond, VA, home, in any cabin in Boone, it would fit right in. ($210 for the chair and stool)

branch chair

After taking the picture of the branch chair, I turned to the next booth and was greeted by this guy!  Well, hello there, Mr. Giraffe.  He made me giggle, so I had to take a picture of him.  For a mere $695, you could have your very own authentic carousel giraffe (or is it a horse?).

Carousel giraffe

Old trunks and suitcases are very popular right now.  I’m not sure that this one would travel well, but cleaned-up, it would make a fun dress-up wardrobe for a little girl ($145).

wardrobe trunk

Next, we saw this cast iron, claw foot bathtub (on sale for $195).  With a fresh coat of paint on the outside, it would be a great focal point in a bathroom.

cast iron bathtub

It reminded me of this one Sarah Richardson painted in Season 3 of Sarah’s House.

Sarah Richardson yellow bathtub

One more interesting piece we saw was this old electric stove ($995).  The tag said that it is in working condition!

old electric stove

While we did not end up buying anything, we had a great time exploring the shops in Boone.

º What is your favorite antique or consignment store? º What is your most exciting find?

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