Olympic Fever ~ Gold, Silver, & Bronze

Were you as hooked on the London 2012 Olympics as I was?  Every night, I could not wait to see the prime time coverage! london olympic medals


If you’re missing the excitement of the games, try adding a few of these accessories to your décor in order to help you bring the gold, silver, and bronze feeling into your home all year long.

This beautiful capiz shell chandelier ($69.99) captures all three hues in one piece.  Hung over a kitchen table it would add a coastal feel to the space, or add it to a tween girl’s bedroom for a touch of sophistication.

capiz hanging pendant


Spruce up your dining room table with this metallic bronze dinnerware ($24 for the set).  They would mix well with all white dishes, or for added interest, include a pop of color - like a purple tablecloth or an orange flower arrangement.

bronze dinnerware


Another option in the dining room would be to pair the silver Dahlia placemat ($9.95) with a shimmery gold napkin ($1.95).  Add a crisp white tablecloth, and line the middle of the table with the silver and gold votives shown below ($4.95) to complete the Olympic inspired tablescape.

silver placemat & gold napkin

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gold & silver votive


Bring a touch of elegance to your bedroom with the soft and romantic Vanilla Glacé duvet cover from Saffron Marigold (Queen ~ $159.99).

white & gold duvet


To compliment the Vanilla Glacé duvet cover, hang this pearl, gold, and silver mirror ($179.95) over the dresser.  Who wouldn’t feel pretty looking into this beautiful and sparkly mirror every morning?

pearl & gold mirror


The playful dot pattern on this pillow ($32) keeps it from feeling too formal.  You could use it on a sun porch, in a living room, or in a bedroom as a fun accent to the rest of the space.

silver & gold dot pillow


To create a unique focal point over a kitchen island, choose one of these bronze industrial pendant lights ($129-$145) and use two or three of them to line the island.

bronze pendant lights

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Finally, if you prefer just a small reminder of the Olympics, try this group of three mini mercury glass vases ($49.50).  Keep them empty for a no-fuss accessory, or fill each one with a single stem for a simple arrangement.

mini mercury vases


º There are so many to choose from, but what was your favorite London 2012 Olympic moment?

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