Everything Vintage


A few weekends ago I was working on my Mod Podged filing cabinet, when I received a text from my sister with this picture: blue cart

Just as I was looking at the picture, she called and the following conversation ensued:

Beth:  Hey!  What are you doing? Me:  Mod Podging my filing cabinet. Beth:  Ummmm, ok.  Did you get my text? Me:  Yes, I was just looking at it.  Where are you? Beth:  I’m right outside of Williamsburg.  I just bought that! Me:  What?  What are you going to do with it? Beth:  I’m not sure, but I love it!  This store is awesome; we have to come back down here.  Well, actually, I really need to come back down because I can’t fit it in my car today. Me:  Ok, sounds good to me!

On her way back from photographing a wedding in Williamsburg, Beth stumbled upon Everything Vintage.

everything vintage

They describe the store as: “eclectic, primitive, and retro furniture and home décor.”  They also carry vintage clothing and they can make custom pieces.  Beth is actually having them make something for her ~ I can’t wait to see how it turns out and share it with you!

We were finally able to schedule a trip down there on July 4th.  The store is amazing and the owners – Jennifer & Jason – are as nice as they can be!

When we first walked in the store, we saw this unique kitchen island.  The top is a 3” thick reclaimed butcher block and the base is cast iron.  It has so much character to it!  This would fit in with any style kitchen, from country to modern, and would be a conversation piece for sure.

reclaimed butcher block

Another kitchen item was this beautiful table.   Jason constructed it from a solid piece of maple and cast iron legs.  He said it’s the biggest single piece of maple he’s worked with.

maple salvage table

I tried to rationalize bringing home this blue base farm table, but for some reason I couldn’t convince Andrew that we need two dining room tables ;)!

blue base farm table

They have quite the collection of vintage accessories, including these industrial looking fans.

vintage fans

Jason revamped this iron church chandelier that dates from the late 1800’s.  It would make a grand statement in an entry foyer!

antique church lantern

Perfect for a kid’s room, this green and blue cupboard could hold books, toys, clothes, or even hide a small TV.

green and blue cupboard

This distressed grey cupboard was stunning.  I love how the three drawers are left in a wood tone.  Andrew liked it too because it was from his hometown ~ Roanoke, VA!

grey cupboard

Two other tables / islands that caught my eye were this green one with a zinc top:

green island

And this white one with a metal top:

metal top table

I’ve saved two truly unique pieces for last.  Jason was excited to show us both of these.  First is this vintage Texaco gas station sign.  To the untrained eye, it may not seem like much, but he explained that because it is:  1. in good condition  2. double sided  &                3. hanging from its original hardware, it is a coveted piece for collectors.

vintage texaco sign

The last piece I have to share with you is truly one-of-a-kind.  To create this desk, Jason used reclaimed wood for the top, cast iron bases & rods, and vintage light fixtures.

reclaimed desk

He even included a light switch so that you wouldn’t have to plug in the lamps when you want to use them.  How smart is that!

reclaimed desk

We had a great time visiting Everything Vintage, and it was definitely worth the trip down Route 60.  At only 40 miles from Richmond, I recommend that you take a trip down to the shop too!

everything vintage

If you can’t make it down there, check out their website and Facebook page for updates on their inventory!

When Beth got home, she sent me a picture of her new coffee table.  I love it!  The distressed blue finish, the vintage wheels – it’s perfect!

blue coffee table

º I wanted everything in the store! Which piece would you buy for your home?

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