Design Trends for 2013

I know that we are already over a month into 2013 (I can hardly believe it!), but I wanted to share a few design trends that I predict will be popular in 2013. Brass

The first design trend is brass.  Brass accents in lighting, hardware, and accessories are back in a big way!

breakfast nook


The past several years have been filled with brushed nickel, but brass is making a comeback. 

brass accents


If you already have brass door knobs and other hardware in your home, you’re in luck!  And if you've changed everything out for brushed or polished nickel, don’t worry – those finishes are still in.  Keep your eye out though for a fun mirror, étagère, bar cart, or other unique piece that will work in your home.

brass etagere


Colors- Emerald Green & Neutral mixed with color

Emerald green is the Pantone 2013 color of the year.  Emerald is a beautifully rich jewel tone that pairs well with many colors – yellows, blues, pinks, purples, other greens –almost anything really.

emerald family room


A few ways to incorporate emerald green into your home: pillows, lampshades, a new front door color, or a painted piece of furniture.

emerald dining chairssource

Another color trend I see continuing in 2013 is popularity of grays and neutrals mixed with splashes of color.

gray and color living room


Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors and patterns to find a balance that works for you.  In this mostly neutral living room, the red chandelier adds a fun focal point, while the blue accents on the two lamps are much more subtle, but equally interesting.

neutral & color living roomsource

By keeping the walls and sofa neutral, this mix of color and pattern works to create a fun and personalized living room. (Did you notice the brass lamp and side table?)

neutral & color living room


Rustic & Industrial

A third design trend I see for 2013 is the use of rustic and industrial pieces mixed into spaces.  They could be used together, although not necessarily.

This living room has a fairly formal feel to it.  The rustic wooden console table and metal lantern, however, work really well in the space and add unexpected touches to the room.

modern rustic living room


In this cozy den, the light fixture and small red stool provide the industrial elements.  All of the wood pieces – paneling, chair, and accessories – keep the room from feeling too cold.

rustic porch


Rustic doesn't always mean wood though.   Try layering textures, like a faux fur throw and a hand woven ottoman, to create a warm and inviting space.

rustic dining room


I love that all of these design trends are so different, yet easily could be incorporated into any home and to suit any style.  I am sure that we will also see many more trends emerge in 2013.

º Will you be incorporating any of these design trends, or others, into your home this year?

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Spray Painted Lamps


As part of our family room make-over, I’ve been on the hunt for new lamps.  I was particularly searching for these lamps from Target: blue & green Target lamps

They are not sold online however, and after calling several stores in the area with no luck finding either color, I was feeling discouraged.

I decided I needed backup and sent an email to my mom and sister requesting a quick check for me any time they happened to be driving by a Target.

My mom’s response was just as good as if she had found them:  “If you spray painted the brass lamps I have in the living room, they would be almost identical.  You may have them if you like.”

Yes, please!

brass lamps - beforeivory lamp shade

Andrew and I picked them up this weekend, and went in search of the perfect color of spray paint.  We eventually found exactly what we were looking for at Wal-Mart: Rust-Oleum’s ‘Nite Tide’.

rustoleum nite tide

To start the project, I removed the lamp shades, covered the sockets for the light bulbs, and covered part of the cord.  My plan was to: 1. Prime   2. Spray paint   3. Cover with a Lacquer for an extra-glossy finish.

brass lamps prepped for painting

After two coats of primer, the lamps were already looking more modern.

brass lamps primed

Once the primer was dry, I was ready to start adding the ‘Nite Tide’.  The key to spray painting is to use several light and even coats.

First coat:

brass lamps with 1 coat of paint

Second coat:

brass lamps with 2 coats of paint

Third coat:

brass lamps with 3 coats of paint

After three coats, the lamps were looking fantastic!  I gave them a few hours to dry and then attempted to add the lacquer.  I say ‘attempted’ because we did not have much luck with this step of the process.  Once I had added two coats of the lacquer finish, the lamps were not glossy at all; in fact they were rough and looked dusty.  I’m not sure if the Richmond humidity did not agree with the product, or if I had applied it incorrectly, either way, it was not a pretty appearance.

We were lucky that with a wet washcloth, the rough and dusty finish wiped away – without taking away any of the color.

Even without the extra-glossy finish, they are still beautiful, so we were ready to bring them inside.

Just to refresh your memories of these brass beauties from the 80’s:

brass lamps - before

And the after:

spray painted lamp

It really is amazing how different they look with a new paint color and an updated shade!

Stay tuned for next week when I’ll share where we’ve put the lamps and other updates to the family room!

º What pieces have found a new life in your home recently?

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