We Three Wreaths ~ #3

To complete the holiday wreath tutorials, here are the directions for the third and final wreath ~ the feather wreath.

(ribbon wreath tutorial here; yarn wreath tutorial here)

The feather wreath was the easiest of them all, but followed similar steps as the other two.

These are the supplies I used (all purchased at Michael's):

• 6” Styrofoam wreath • 6’ white feather boa • 1 ½” wide silver glitter ribbon • Sparkly red bird clip-on embellishments

The first step was the wrap the Styrofoam with the silver ribbon.  I stapled the ribbon to the back of the wreath.  Then, I wrapped the ribbon, and stapled it again once it was completely wrapped.  I chose to do this step so that little glimpses of silver would show through the feathers.

I then did the same thing with the feather boa (staple, wrap, staple).

Once the boa was wrapped around the wreath, I found the perfect spot for the bird.  He was easy to attach because he has a little clip on the bottom.  I used a piece of silver yarn to hang the wreath from the window pane and voilà, it was complete!

feather wreath

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It was super easy, and I love the softness it adds to the mantel.  By simply changing out the embellishment, I will also be able to use this wreath for other holidays.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!

º What gift are you most excited about giving this year?