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This week a client asked me about concrete countertops. - What are the options with concrete?  Were they right for her?  Are they expensive? concrete countertop


There are many options available for countertops - from laminate to stainless steel - but today I will explore four options: concrete, granite, quartz, and wood.


Concrete is fairly new product for countertops, but one that is gaining popularity for its versatility and durability.  Concrete can be tinted and stained to almost any color, and it can be mixed with items such as glass and seashells to give each slab a unique look.

concrete countertops

concrete samples by Artisan Concrete Décor

Aside from the wide variety of colors, another advantage of concrete is that it can be poured and molded into any shape.  Decorative edges, custom shapes, drain trays, and drink coolers are all available with concrete.  Whatever you and your designer can imagine can pretty much be created with concrete.

ACD concrete kitchen island

kitchen island by Artisan Concrete Décor

Concrete is easy to care for, with little maintenance, and when examining prices, concrete is comparable to granite.

modern concrete bar kitchen

custom countertop by KitchensETC


For years, granite has been the standard in countertop selections.  Many people love the luxurious look and feel of granite.

DesignLine Kitchen3

kitchen by DesignLine Home Transformations

Granite is both heat resistant and stain resistant, making it a durable and versatile choice.  Because granite is a natural product, the colors and patterns found in the slabs are unique and beautiful.

DesignLine Kitchen4

kitchen by DesignLine Home Transformations

Granite is a classic choice for many families, and adds a custom look to any kitchen.

DesignLine Kitchen

kitchen by DesignLine Home Transformations


Quartz is also a new product on the countertop scene.  It is manufactured from natural quartz to create an extremely durable and versatile product.

Cambria Quartz countertop

Cambria Quartz

Quartz is available in a variety of colors and patterns – from dark to light, and from heavily patterned to mostly solid.  There are even quartz options that look like granite and marble. With such a wide variety of options - even red! - quartz can be used in any kitchen to coordinate with your taste and style.

quartz countertops colors


The price of quartz usually falls in line with that of a mid-range granite.  Quartz is a low-maintenance product and, unlike granite, it does not require wax or sealers.

Quartz countertop2



We often see wood butcher blocks, but it can also be used for kitchen islands, or even all of the countertops in a kitchen.

wood kitchen island


Wood countertops add warmth to the space and would naturally fit into a country kitchen.  I can also see them used in a modern kitchen mixed with industrial pendant lights and stainless steel appliances.

While wood countertops are not as durable as the above options, they are a more economical choice for homeowners wanting a custom look at a lower cost.

wood countertop


So, for my client whose question sparked this post, I advised her that concrete countertops were probably not the best selection for her traditional home.  While concrete countertops are beautiful, they felt a little too modern for her kitchen.  We are exploring several options, including granite and quartz, so we will see what she decides.

º Which of the four countertop options above would you use in your home?

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