Guest Post ~ Holiday Front Doors

Today, I am excited to have a guest post from the lovely Jenny Barber.  Jenny works for Homelink and we met at an industry event a little over a year ago.  With her big smile and warm personality she welcomed me into the industry and has been a wonderful resource and friend! jenny barber

A little bit more about Jenny:

“I was born and raised in Richmond.  I attended JMU where I received my BFA in Interior Design.  I have dealt primarily with residential design during my career over the past 13 years, and I was also a furniture buyer.  I had my own design business while living in Virginia Beach, but I missed Richmond and decided to move back after 5 years.  I love all genres and styles of décor and design, and I jump at the chance to do something ‘out of the box.’ I recently assisted a designer with the Symphony League Designer House, which was a wonderful experience!  I also love of horses and dogs.”

Welcome Jenny, I’m happy to have you share your holiday ideas with us!


Being a native Richmonder, I certainly appreciate and love the different areas and environs our wonderful city has to offer. Whether it be the Fan, the Far or Near West End, Midlothian, the Museum District, or Mechanicsville, each has their own unique style and characteristics when it comes to exteriors and décor.  I've always loved driving around through the neighborhoods to see how people decorate their front doors and entryways; and no better time than with the holidays right around the corner….or block.

holiday door


“Go big or go home” has always been a mantra of mine. And when it comes to front doors, color is key. Painting it a bright or cheerful hue that compliments the exterior can really make a statement and give your house that much needed facelift without breaking the bank.

simple front door


Paint is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to make a change if you aren't quite ready to knock out all the items on your home remodeling list.  Not sure how daring you want to be? Take a nice stroll down Monument Avenue or through Carytown to see how sapphire blue, coral, and lime green can blend beautifully with an historic building or home of every style.  Even opting for a more subtle color but using a high-gloss lacquer finish can really stand out.

sage door


Not ready to make the paint commitment? Adding a whimsical or seasonal wreath or garland is another great option and you can change it out to your little heart’s delight!

black door


Check out some of these creative ideas to add some “blizang” to your abode.



purple wreath


wood door


chanukah wreath


Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Joyeux Noel, Feliz Navidad, and Krismasi Njema to all!

Much love, Jenny Barber aka…Babs


Thanks so much, Jenny!  I love all of these ideas for holiday front doors!

º How you do decorate your front door for the holidays?

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Guest Post ~ DIY inspiration

Today, I am excited to have a guest post from the very talented Heidi from Saffron Marigold! Heidi & Saffron Marigold

Heidi Muller is an enthusiast for all things creative. A mom by day and artist by night, she currently blogs for Saffron Marigold - a boutique maker of high quality, hand printed Indian textiles.  She delights in unique, eclectic decor that is eye-catching and not bank-breaking.

Heidi found my blog when I posted the Cous Cous inspired bedroom, and we have become blog pen pals since then.  Heidi and I share a love of beautiful textiles, colors, and DIY projects.  I am so happy to have her with us!


Hi everyone! My name is Heidi, and I am visiting today from Saffron Marigold. I'm so honored that I have the opportunity to guest blog on Cathy Green Interiors! Cathy has a wealth of (amazing!) DIY inspiration that she shares with you regularly, so I thought I'd join in the fun with a bit of my own.

My design inspirations and ideas:

  • I LOVE textiles- I find that they add instant color, texture, warmth and personality to my space.
  • I have 5 (yes, 5 :)) kids, so fun, functional, simple and thrifty decor is a must.
  • I have always loved a good "find", and tag sales, thrift stores and antique shops are favorite resources.

Room 1: Color Blocked Living Room

This room is convergence of inherited antiques, Craig's List finds and DIY art. Interestingly, they all hang together as independent blocks of color - primarily purple, red, yellow and green. As long as colors are equally bold, and are given equitable visual space, they will all play together nicely.

Easy (thrifty) DIY's:

  • Painted Chargers - I found a set of bamboo chargers at Target several years back. They have a wonderful natural texture, were quite solid and perfectly priced - $6 for all! The chargers did, however, beg to be painted. The bamboo surface responded beautifully to several layers of rubbed acrylic paints. (Somehow, I didn't notice that these were "stop light" colors until I hung the pieces in a column!) I do love to hang pieces in groups...same-size/shape objects create wonderful graphic impact.
  • Framed Fabric - I have a problem with frames. More specifically, I love to collect them second hand, rip out dated artwork, and fill them with paintings, collages and fabric. This huge yard-square black frame needed to be filled with a suzani print, so when the fabric store had a 1/2 price upholstery sale, I knew my moment had come! The print has 3 of my 4 primary colors, and adds a new one: turquoise. Even in a color blocked space, one can use an accent color... I pulled out an antique planter to tease out a bit more turquoise (but not too much!)

Room 2: Global Glam Office

My small office is part library, part art studio, and part "blogger work space". Ultimately, it needs to work hard, but be very welcoming and inspiring. (You know us creative types - we have to be inspired! :)) So while this room contains a desk, book shelves and art-supply storage, I'm sharing my favorite part with you - a cozy window seating space where I plop down with a book or laptop to read and work.

As a Saffron Marigold blogger, I have at my disposal 30 or so gorgeous, global, hand-printed cotton swatches which I keep on hand in my office. I love to move them around and use these large pieces in my decor, changing them seasonally or as the mood strikes.

In this scenario, I am using elegant Vanilla Glacé atop a sweet little mid-century table (with a rotating top) which I found at the thrift store. Over another unique thrifty find, dubbed "the princess chair" by my kids, I have draped one of my favorite prints: Dance O Peacock. I can't believe what a perfect match the gold-ochre is for the gold velvet in the chair!

Finally, India Rose is embellishing one of my favorite objects, an original sunburst clock frame which I literally found in a closet when we moved into our home. I removed the clock face from the piece and have replaced it with a bit of fabric. I like the result - part opulent, part eclectic and perfectly inspiring.

Now for a Pop-Quiz...

Just kidding, but I do have a couple questions for you...

  • What special finds (thrifty or otherwise) have inspired design in your home?
  • How have you used fabric to change the feel of a room? Have you used it in any "non-traditional" ways?
  • What colors are you drawn to again and again? Do you use different palettes to evoke different moods?

If you have a minute, share your thoughts in the comments! I know both Cathy and I would love to hear from you.


Thanks so much Heidi for sharing your ideas and inspiration with us!

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Guest Post ~ Saffron Marigold

Today, I am beyond excited to be making my guest post debut! Head over to Saffron Marigold to see how I created chic bedroom for a growing young girl using their Chasing Butterflies duvet cover as my inspriation!

SM Chasing Butterflies duvet

Be sure to leave a comment with your answer to my question!

While you're there, check out their other unique and beautiful textiles that are handmade in India.

Happy Friday!

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Guest Post ~ Focal Points

This week, I am excited to have my first guest post!  Joanna from Design Shuffle put together a wonderful post for us about Focal Points in a room.  Do you know how to accentuate natural focal points in a room?  Or create a focal point in a room that does not have one?  Read on to see what Joanna has to say! ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦

Hi, I’m Joanna, a guest blogger for Design Shuffle, an online portal for interior designers to share their portfolios and design enthusiasts to enjoy. I fortunately get to spend my time at work searching for the most exciting decorating ideas and images and sharing them with readers of blogs like Cathy Green Interiors. Thanks Cathy for letting me share with your readers today!

Focal points are one way to give a room its character and personality. They draw the eye so that everything else in a room falls into place. The following rooms all have distinct focal points—the objects(s) that take center stage. What are your favorite ways to create focal points in your spaces?

Focal Point

The stunning light fixture and framed painting in this entry are equally as compelling, making both a focal point.

Focal Point

A gallery wall of framed art is the focal point of this inviting entry. Track lighting above the artwork highlights the pieces.

Focal Point

A gorgeous yellow headboard on an antique French style bed makes a perfect centerpiece for this lovely bedroom design.

Focal Point

A small fireplace is highlighted by a starburst mirror and candelabras above the mantel making it a nice focal point in this chocolate and pink living room.

Focal Point

A panel of bright yellow and white wallpaper provides the focal point for this living space. The color is carried through to the sofa by throw pillows.

Focal Point

A dramatic architectural piece becomes a stunning headboard and focal point of this serene white bedroom.

Focal Point A free standing tub makes a great focal point in bathroom designs. It is highlighted by a wall sconce above the tub.

Focal Point

A table with a vignette of natural elements is the focal point of this foyer. The low hanging light fixture draws the eye down toward the table. What a lovely glimpse into this home's interior design.

Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

What do you like to use as a focal point?

Don't forget that Design Shuffle is full of great inspiration from Boston interior designers, San Francisco interiors designers and a ton more!


Wow!  Thanks Joanna for such beautiful pictures and inspiring ideas!

So, as Joanna asked: º What do you like to use as a focal point?