Family Room Updates

Last week, I took a pair of old brass lamps that were my parents and updated them with spray paint.  Today, I want to show you where we put them and share a few other updates to our family room. console table / sofa table

When we ordered a new sofa (the Davis sectional from Crate & Barrel), we decided to get rid of our coffee table and instead use a console table behind the sofa.  The new console table still provides a place for magazines and drinks, while also giving us added storage.  We were inspired by the Young House Love console table, and used their table as a model for ours.

Andrew custom built the console in order to provide us with storage both inside:

console table storage

console table inside storage

And on the end for books and photo albums:

console table bookshelf

Our family room is not that big and by removing the coffee table, the space feels much more open.

family room

Another addition to the space is our new rug.  I found this indoor/outdoor rug from One Kings Lane (free to sign up + daily deals = a great website!).

indoor / outdoor rugIt is the perfect balance of blue, brown, and green, and the busy pattern helps to hide dog hair (as much as that is possible anyway ;) ).

The description read: “This rug is durable enough for the outdoors but chic enough to earn a spot inside, making it well suited for heavy-traffic areas like mudrooms and dens.” I knew it would be a good fit for us and the room we use the most.

You may have also spied two new pillows on the couch.

Crate & Barrel Davis sectional

I purchased the green lattice pillows from Simple Southern Charm on Etsy.

green lattice pillow

They remind me of the stencil we chose for the dining room.  I love the view when you come down our stairs and can see into the dining room.

family room

Here is the view of the fireplace from the sofa.  I enjoy collecting vases, and I’m still working on the arrangement, but my new Kluk Kluk decanter (blue vase on the right), from our antiquing trip in Virginia Beach, fits right in.

fireplace & mantel

There are still a few things we would like to do:

- Change up and/or add artwork to the photos over the sofa - Replace our old pillows with blue pillows - Add crown molding - Bring in a few other accessories for the mantle and bookshelves - Find baskets for the console table

For now though, we are enjoying the fresh coat of paint and all of our new pieces.  I think our dog Charlie likes it too!

family room

º What springtime change-ups have you been working on in your house?

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Spray Painted Lamps


As part of our family room make-over, I’ve been on the hunt for new lamps.  I was particularly searching for these lamps from Target: blue & green Target lamps

They are not sold online however, and after calling several stores in the area with no luck finding either color, I was feeling discouraged.

I decided I needed backup and sent an email to my mom and sister requesting a quick check for me any time they happened to be driving by a Target.

My mom’s response was just as good as if she had found them:  “If you spray painted the brass lamps I have in the living room, they would be almost identical.  You may have them if you like.”

Yes, please!

brass lamps - beforeivory lamp shade

Andrew and I picked them up this weekend, and went in search of the perfect color of spray paint.  We eventually found exactly what we were looking for at Wal-Mart: Rust-Oleum’s ‘Nite Tide’.

rustoleum nite tide

To start the project, I removed the lamp shades, covered the sockets for the light bulbs, and covered part of the cord.  My plan was to: 1. Prime   2. Spray paint   3. Cover with a Lacquer for an extra-glossy finish.

brass lamps prepped for painting

After two coats of primer, the lamps were already looking more modern.

brass lamps primed

Once the primer was dry, I was ready to start adding the ‘Nite Tide’.  The key to spray painting is to use several light and even coats.

First coat:

brass lamps with 1 coat of paint

Second coat:

brass lamps with 2 coats of paint

Third coat:

brass lamps with 3 coats of paint

After three coats, the lamps were looking fantastic!  I gave them a few hours to dry and then attempted to add the lacquer.  I say ‘attempted’ because we did not have much luck with this step of the process.  Once I had added two coats of the lacquer finish, the lamps were not glossy at all; in fact they were rough and looked dusty.  I’m not sure if the Richmond humidity did not agree with the product, or if I had applied it incorrectly, either way, it was not a pretty appearance.

We were lucky that with a wet washcloth, the rough and dusty finish wiped away – without taking away any of the color.

Even without the extra-glossy finish, they are still beautiful, so we were ready to bring them inside.

Just to refresh your memories of these brass beauties from the 80’s:

brass lamps - before

And the after:

spray painted lamp

It really is amazing how different they look with a new paint color and an updated shade!

Stay tuned for next week when I’ll share where we’ve put the lamps and other updates to the family room!

º What pieces have found a new life in your home recently?

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