Spray Painted Owls

With two dogs and two cats, I don’t like to leave anything lying around on the floor – who knows what may happen to an unattended item!  In my office, I needed a way to hang my bags so that they would not get eaten, scratched, or chewed.  My sister took my birthday request for ‘cute hooks’, and found these owls at Garden Ridge. owl hooks

While she liked the owl figure, we both agreed they needed a change of color with a coat of spray paint.

In our basement / my office, we have tan walls and white trim.  I decided to spray them white to let them pop off the tan walls.

I was running low on white spray paint, but was able to use a combination of white primer and two cans of left over white spray paint to complete the job.  The only other supplies I used were painter’s tape and a cardboard box.

owl hooks spray painting supplies

My first step was to tape the clear handles so that they would not get sprayed.

owl hooks prepped for spray painting

Next, I applied one thin and even coat of primer.  I used primer because: a) the owls had a glossy finish and I wanted to make sure the paint bonded to the finish,  and b) I was not sure I had enough regular spray paint to provide complete coverage.

owl hooks primed

I ended up doing three coats of paint on the owls (1 primer, 2 regular).  The key to spray painting is thin and even coats, and letting each coat dry in between.  While waiting for one of the coats to dry, I was able to snap this picture of our dog Violet ‘helping’ me with the project!

owl hooks drying & Violet

After three coats the dark finish was completely covered, and it created a pretty cool silhouette of the owl!  I wish I had thought ahead and done this on a canvas to create some unique artwork.

owl hook spray painted silhoutte

I removed the painter’s tape and allowed the owls to dry for about 24 hours.  They were then ready to hang!

Just a reminder of the before:

owl hooks

And after:

spray painted owl hooks in my office

Yay for having a special place to hang my bags!

º What have you spray painted lately?

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