Kitchen Renovation ~ Part 3

We’ve been slowly but surely making progress on our kitchen renovation. In the past few weeks, the kitchen has gone from looking like this (May 4, 2013):

kitchen progress may 4

To this (June 14, 2013):

new cabinets

Andrew worked hard to prime and paint our existing cabinets.  Here they are after the primer coat (we used Zinnser Cover Stain Oil-Based Primer):

primed cabinets

And after two coats of paint (we used Benjamin Moore, Advance Formula paint):

painted cabinets

When painting cabinets, it is important to use the right paint in order to achieve the best result.  An oil-based primer helps the new paint stick to the cabinets better than a latex-based primer would.  Benjamin Moore’s website best describes the benefits of their Advance paint: “ADVANCE offers the application and performance of traditional oil paint in a waterborne formula that cleans up with soap and water…It flows and levels like a traditional alkyd with the extended open-time required to achieve high-end finishes.”  (John and Sherry from Young House Love give a great tutorial and explanation on painting cabinets if you're thinking of tackling the project yourself.)

Painting your cabinets means that everything from inside the cabinets has to be removed.  After Andrew primed and painted, we allowed the recommended curing time for the paint of 3-5 days.  That meant our dining room looked like this for about a week!  Yikes!

stuff from cabinets

We've been working on some of the small things that needed to fixed and adjusted while we waited for the new cabinets.  And yesterday, our new cabinets were installed!

The before:

before new cabinets

before new cabinets

And the after:

new cabinetsnew cabinets

We are excited to finally have the new cabinets!  Thanks to the guys from Integrated Millwork for their great work.

Andrew will work this weekend to prime and paint the new cabinets, and also finish up painting the doors of the original cabinets.  Colonial Granite came today to template for our new granite, which should get installed in about a week and a half.  We chose Luna Pearl granite:

luna pearl granite

After the granite gets installed, retiling the backsplash will be the last major element!  Let’s hope it gets done before Baby Boy Green arrives…nothing like cutting it close ;)!

For more details on our kitchen renovation project, see part 1 and part 2.

º Any bets on if we’ll get the kitchen complete before the baby arrives?

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