Patchwork Chaise Lounge

A few months ago, I received this email in my inbox:“Dear Mrs. Green,

2 years ago I built with my wife a house close to Vienna, Austria.

Yesterday my wife found in the internet a patchwork chaise lounge – exactly the same like on your homepage (very coloured).

Can you help me, where I can get this, what is the price, ….

I want to surprise my wife to her birthday…

Thank you for your help.”

He was referring to this patchwork chaise lounge that I showed as an example of a fun way to recover an antique piece.  (original post)

patchwork chaise

With my email address accessible on the internet, I wasn't sure if this was a spam email or not.  I decided, though, that if it was in fact real, I would want to help this man find the chaise for his wife.

I responded with a few options, but I was unable to track down the manufacturer of the exact chaise.

Four days later, I received this response:

“Dear Cathy

I found the factory (in London!!!) which produces exact the chaise lounge I am looking for:

They have a lot of very, very nice products – maybe you can use it for your job.

Thank you again for your help.”

I was so happy that he was able to find what he was looking for.  The production took 12 weeks – I can only imagine their anticipation in waiting for the chaise to arrive.

Last week he sent me an email with several pictures of their new patchwork chaise lounge.  What a cool space for this eye-catching piece!

patchwork chaise lounge

patchwork chaise lounge

The white bookshelves are the perfect backdrop for the colorful chaise. Who wouldn't want to curl up and read here?

patchwork chaise lounge

patchwork chaise lounge

While it may not suit everyone’s taste, it’s hard to deny that this is truly an amazing piece of furniture!

And it looks like they ordered a matching table as well.

patchwork chaise lounge

patchwork chaise lounge

I am so happy that I decided to respond to this kind gentleman, and even happier that he was able to find the piece that they were looking for – the power of the internet!

º Would you put this chaise in your home?

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