Kitchen Renovation ~ Final Reveal

Our kitchen is finally complete!

(A huge thank you to Beth Furgurson Photography for all of the photos in this post!)

white kitchen

Here is a recap of the four phases of the project:

white kitchen 4 phases

part 1 / part 2 / part 3 / part 4

For details and sources of our kitchen renovation project, please visit the posts above. Otherwise, simply enjoy the photos of our brighter, bigger, airier kitchen!  It was a long process, but we are so happy with the final results and have been enjoying the space with family and friends.

blue stenciled dining room
Charlie was a good helper during the photo shoot! :)

white kitchen and blue stenciled dining room

white kitchen from dining room

white kitchen peninsula with stools

A close-up of the cork board/chalk board/mail center that Andrew made.

diy mail center

white kitchen

Our backsplash and granite:

marble backsplash & luna pearl granite

We found the lantern over the sink at an antique store and spray painted it gray to match the rest of the kitchen.

kitchen sink

Even though it is skinny, the pantry next to the refrigerator gives us a lot of extra storage. I am so glad we were able to fit that into the design plan!

white kitchen refrigerator

I searched for a while for the perfect window treatment fabric.  Once I found this one, I knew it was the one!

door window valance

The view from the backdoor:

white kitchen into dining room

And one more time, just for fun...Before:

kitchen before


white kitchen

º Have you ever completed a kitchen renovation?  How long did it take you?

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Dining Room Reveal & Stencil Giveaway

Andrew and I have been working on our family room and dining room makeovers.  Today, I am ready to share with you the dining room reveal.  (*Be sure to read through to the end of this post for a BIG giveaway from Royal Design Studio - the website where we bought our stencil!) Here is a before picture of the dining room:

sage green dining room - before

It was a sage green color with stripes above the chair rail in different sheens of paint.  The stripes were very subtle.

sage green dining room stripes

And the after:

blue stenciled dining room


How did we get from green stripes to blue stencil?  First we chose our colors and the stencil:

dining room paint colors

Lightest to darkest (all Benjamin Moore): Blue Allure 771, I’ve Got the Blues 774, & Bermuda Blue 2061-30


 (Royal Design Studio’s Chez Ali stencil)

Next, we painted above and below the chair rail.  We decided not to tape prior to painting because we knew we were going to come back and repaint the trim anyway.

dining room base colors

After a few days – to allow the base coat to fully dry – we were ready to start the stencil.  Our supplies included:

-the stencil -tape -stencil level -paint -a 4” foam brush roller

dining room first stencil

The instructions recommend ending your stencil in the least conspicuous location in the room.  They say that with an all-over repeat pattern, it is almost impossible to end with an exact match of the stencil.  So, we came up with this plan:

-Start over the window you see when walking into the dining room. -Alternate right and left sides (to give the paint a few minutes to dry each time). -End over the door way where you walk into to room (only about 8” of wall space).

After one evening of working, we had completed the first wall:

dining room one wall stenciled

It was not the quickest process in the world, and we briefly contemplated only stenciling the one wall, but we stuck to our original plan and continued on!

I wish I had taken more ‘in-progress’ pictures, but I think I was too focused to stop and pick up the camera.  You can see in this picture the stencil level (bottom left of the stencil) we used each time to make sure that we were staying level.

dining room first stencil

You can also see that the stencil does not go all the way to the ceiling.  Royal Design Studio sends with their stencils an extra top stencil to be able to go back and stencil the top row. (The stencils are made this way so that when you’re stenciling near the ceiling, the big stencil is not flopping over and hitting you in the head.)  After we completed each wall, Andrew would go back and stencil the top row.  You can see here one wall where he had done the top row and the other where he hadn’t gotten to it yet.

dining room stenil top row

After stenciling for another afternoon and evening, we were finally done!  (We’re talking about 12 hours total!)

blue stenciled dining room

We were done with the stenciling at least.  Our to-do list still included:

-repaint the trim -hang pictures -lay down a new rug

So, we took about a week to recover ;), and then continued on with the project.

We found the perfect Suzani rug online at to coordinate with the room:

blue & brown suzani rug

(I now see that the rug is no longer available.  I’m glad we found it when we did!)

With the new rug, crisp and clean white trim, and pictures back on the wall, we are loving our new dining room!

blue stenciled dining room

Here are a few detail photos:

blue chez ali stencil

blue stenciled dining room

I love how the stencil echoes the shape of the detailing on our corner cabinet.

stencil meeting point

You can see here where we matched up the stencil.  It would be almost impossible to have it match perfectly - but we came pretty close.

One more time, before:

sage green dining room - before

And after:

blue stenciled dining room

It’s bold and it’s beautiful, and we love it!  We still have a few things we want to do for the room – new window treatments, a few new accessories, and maybe some new artwork – but for now, we are enjoying the result of all of our hard work.

So, here is the good news for you:

I’ve team up with Royal Design Studio to giveaway to one lucky reader the stencil of her choice ($50 or less) + free shipping!

How to enter:

1.  Head on over to Royal Design Studio, and select a stencil you would like to use for a project.

2.  Leave a comment on this blog post telling which stencil you like and where you would use it.

3.  You will also receive 1 bonus entry each for:

*For the bonus entries - leave a separate comment on this blog post each time letting me know what you've liked, followed, or shared.*

So, look around your house and pick a project!  You aren’t limited to walls either – think about furniture, pillows, window treatments, etc.  It is a great way to transform any space or piece in order to make it uniquely yours.

º What Royal Design Studio stencil would you choose?

Thank you to the team at Royal Design Studio for pairing up with me for this offer!

(Winner will be chosen at random.  Comments must be posted by Tuesday May 22, 2012 at midnight to be eligible for the giveaway.  The winner must claim the prize within 3o days.  Free shipping is offered within the continental U.S.)

*Congratulations to Cheryl!  She was the winner of the Royal Design Studio giveaway!*

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A New Couch & Peacock Blue

Andrew and I have been brainstorming about making over our family room and dining room for almost a year now.  We are full of ideas, and have engaged in many conversations about what we want to keep and what we want to change.  This weekend we made our first major purchase to start the process: a new couch!

We decided on the Davis sectional from Crate & Barrel, color: Almond.  (They’re having a 15% off sectional through April 1!)

While we wait for the new couch to arrive, we are going to start working on the dining room.  Our first step is to repaint the walls.  Right now, our walls are a sage green color, with tone on tone stripes above the chair rail.  We’ve enjoyed the stripes, but want to go with something a little more dramatic.

For color inspiration, we turned to this chair that is in our family room (which adjoins the dining room).

Here is a close-up of the fabric:

Tree of Life fabric, peacock blue

To achieve the dramatic effect we want, we are going to use the peacock blue color that is in the fabric on the dining room walls. I found a few inspiration photos of rooms that use a similar color, to give us an idea of the end result.

Peacock blue dining room contemporary dining room
(Peacock Blue Dining Room from
(Peacock Blue Dining Room from Apartment Therapy)
YHL guest room, peacock blue
(Peacock Blue Bedroom from Young House Love)

In our dining room we have a chair rail, so we’re planning on using a dark, rich peacock blue below the chair rail, and a lighter blue above it.  To add even more drama and impact, we are also planning on doing a stencil above the chair rail.  My inspiration for the stencil came a few weeks ago, after helping my sister stencil her downstairs hall bathroom.  She chose a Moroccan stencil for a feature wall, and the result was stunning!

Here is her bathroom before the stencil (don't mind the green painter's tape, it was just part of the prep for the stencil):

And here is her bathroom after the stencil!

A close-up:

When you open the door to the bathroom, you feel like you've stepped inside a beautiful jewel box.  I just love the shimmer of the pearl stencil color, and how it makes a statement without being overpowering.

There are many great options for stencils right now, ranging in styles from traditional to modern.  After looking through many choices, we’ve narrowed it down to these two stencils (try to visualize them in shades of peacock blue):

Both stencils are from Royal Design Studio.  Stencil #1 is the Chez Ali stencil (and we would only use 2 colors instead of 4), and stencil #2 is the Small Acanthus Trellis stencil.

We are excited and anxious to get started!  I’ll keep you updated as we make progress.

º Which stencil do you prefer ~ #1 or #2? º What makeover projects are you starting this spring?

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