With hurricane Sandy passing through, the weather has been gray and rainy over the past few days.  To brighten my mood this week, I turned to my favorite color for inspiration ~ Purple! purple

Tulips / Glassybaby / Lattice fabric

Purple can be used as the main color or as an accent color in any room of the house.  From soft lilac to deep, rich eggplant, there are so many shades of purple to choose from.  And purple isn't just for girls.  Read on for inspiration and to find out how to incorporate this lovely color into your home.

If you’re unsure of using purple, test the waters with a small room in your home.  A bathroom is a great place to start.

Light lavender, sparkly tiles, and a hot pink chair combine in this bathroom to create a space that feels glamorous and chic.

purple & gray bathroom


In this bathroom, a deeper shade of purple, with undertones of gray, is used on the walls.  A wooden bench used as the vanity creates a rustic feel and makes the room appealing to both men and women.  I love the use of the yellow sink that adds a pop of color and interest to the room.

purple bathroom


Purple is a nice alternative to the classic pink nursery.  In this adorable room, the varying shades of purple keep the room from feeling flat.  Also, using accents of yellow, turquoise, and pink is a fun way to bring other pops of color into the room.

purple nursery


Purple isn't just for babies though.  Paired with sophisticated fabrics (stripes & vines) and furnishings (ottomans & upholstered desk chair) this purple bedroom is sure to be a popular hangout place for any young girl and her friends.

purple kid's room


To take purple into the grown-up spaces of the house, try a sophisticated raisin color.  I love the mixture of the modern art with the traditional table and chairs in this dining room.  They combine with the purple on the walls to create a unique and inviting space.

purple dining room


In this cozy bedroom, the deep raisin walls serve as a neutral backdrop.  The rich color allows the golds, blues, and oranges to be the stars in the space.  Checkerboard carpet tiles help to complete the look and pull the room together.

purple bedroom


For this modern kitchen, the black and white color palate is warmed up by the purple walls.  The wood beam ceiling is a charming feature that also helps to keep the space from feeling too cold.

purple kitchen


Bringing purple into the living room or family room may be a bit riskier for some people, so here are a few examples to show that it can work for any family.

A barely-there shade of purple is used on the walls in this formal living room.  The space is filled with neutral fabrics, wood furnishings, and silver accents that work to pull the room together.


Deep periwinkle paint provides the backdrop for this family room.  The ocher leather chair adds a fun punch of color, but I can’t take my eyes off of the oversized wood chest that creates the base for a beautiful vignette.  (Caution: When trying to convince certain males that this this an appealing color choice, you may want to give it another name.  My brother-in-law believes ‘periwinkle’ is better suited for the name of a Care Bear than for a color he would be willing to have in his home. ;) )

purple family room


Here is another family room with deep periwinkle walls.  Like the chest in the room above, this room’s fireplace provides a rustic element to the space.  Soft neutrals, along with interesting accessories and artwork work together to create a room that any family would enjoy.

SR purple family room


º What is your favorite color?

Here in Richmond we made it through the hurricane without any major damage.  My thoughts are with all of the people along the coast and in the northeast who are dealing with the aftermath of this devastating storm.

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