DIY Canvas Art

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I want to share with you one of my favorite presents to give this year.  From making my Christmas wreaths and other holiday decorations, I was in the crafting mood, so I decided to paint canvases for a few family members.

Here is the finished product of the first one I completed:

DIY canvas art

For the projects, I used:

• Various sizes of canvases • Craft paint • Paint brushes • Stickers • Painter’s tape

First, I painted the canvas the ‘base color’ – the color I wanted to show through as the letters.  For this canvas the base color was ‘purple yam’ - satin finish - from the Martha Stewart line of acrylic craft paint.

(After I took the picture, I decided to paint the sides of the canvas the same color as well.)

Once the base color was dry, I placed the stickers on the canvas.  I also used painter’s tape to cover the sides.

Once I was happy with the placement of the stickers, I applied the top coat.  For the top coat, I used Martha Stewart brand, ‘mother of pearl’ - pearl finish.  (It is showing up a little silvery in the pictures, but it is really more of a true pearl color.)  Here is the canvas with one coat of ‘mother of pearl’.

I painted three coats of the ‘mother of pearl’ in order to have the complete coverage that I wanted.

Once the last coat was dry, I was ready to remove the stickers.  This was the exciting part!  I realized however, that some of the ‘mother of pearl’ had bled underneath the stickers onto the ‘purple yam’ :(.

I was able to easily touch it up with a small paint brush and a steady hand.  (For the next canvas though, I decided to add a step:  Once the stickers were in place, I applied one more coat of the base layer over the stickers.  This ensured that any bleed through was that of the base color and not the top color.)

Here is the first canvas all touched up:

DIY canvas art

The ‘passion’ canvas was for my sister.  She is starting to re-do their downstairs bathroom and this will coordinate perfectly with the new color scheme.

Here is another canvas that I used the same ‘sticker method’ to create.  This one was for my sister-in-law.  Her favorite color is pink and her nickname is ‘Sparkle’ (well deserved), so I knew she would love it!

DIY canvas art

I also painted two other canvases using a more free-hand method.  I found images and clip art online to help guide me.  I also used a pencil to sketch it out first, as I was not quite confident enough to dive in with the paint brush right away!

The first one was for my mom.  It says: “Faith, Hope, Love”.  She is very interested in both the Chinese and Irish cultures, so I used the Chinese symbol for ‘Hope’ and the Gaelic word for ‘Love’.

DIY canvas art, faith hope love

The last canvas I painted was a pictogram.  Can you guess who I gave it to?  (I’ve blacked out the part at the bottom that would give it away.)  I had to be a little creative to come up with this one, but I really like how it turned out!

DIY canvas art, pictogram

I love to give personalized gifts, and these canvases were fun to make and fairly easy to create.  The hardest part was just waiting for each coat to dry in between layers!

º Who do you think I gave the pictogram to? º Did you give or receive any DIY gifts this year?