Homearama Trends ~ Part 1

Happy Memorial Day weekend!  I hope everyone has a chance to relax, spend time with family, and enjoy the lovely weather.  To all of the active military, retired military, and their families, we say “Thank you!” for all you have done. Last weekend, my mom, my sister, and I celebrated a belated Mother’s Day with a girls’ outing to Homearama.  The seven houses showcased were beautiful and all had a different style – one felt rustic and Tuscan, another had a French Country theme, and another gave off a laid-back and funky vibe.  We enjoyed seeing the different features each builder and designer presented in their homes.  There were a few trends that I noticed across several of the houses and wanted to share them with you.

The first trend I spied was the use of reclaimed wood.  It was used in each of the seven houses!  Whether it was featured as a wall treatment, on a ceiling, or in another creative way, the look of reclaimed wood was definitely a hit.

I loved this mudroom area - with reclaimed wood on the back of the ‘lockers’, and recycled coffee sacks on the seats of the benches.

reclaimed wood cubby

Look up, do you see the reclaimed wood on the coffered ceiling?

reclaimed wood ceiling

I thought this was a creative idea – to frame out the TV in the master bedroom with wood and interesting hardware.

wood framed TV

In this yellow and gray boy’s bedroom, the designer whitewashed the wood for a softer, but still rustic feel.  (And how cute is that airplane light fixture?!)

boys bedroom

A variation of the reclaimed wood was to use it as barn doors.  At least four of the seven houses used barn doors somewhere in the house.  Mixing the rustic feel of the barn doors with the elegance of a dining is a perfect combination!

barn doors in dining room

This photo showcases a beautiful barn door, and also features another trend I noticed – second floor playrooms/media rooms.  (This one was from the French Country house, but some of these rooms in the other houses were decorated a little more casually.)

barn doors

I will leave you with one last image for this recap. I thought this was a cute idea – they took an old door and used white mats to feature sepia toned photographs.

pictures in an old door

Stay tuned for more trends from Homearama 2014!

º Do you have any reclaimed wood in your house?

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