Client Reveal ~ Richmond Living Room

Can a flea market find inspire a whole room?  It sure can!  Continue reading to find out how I created a family-friendly living room that all started with this rug.

Navy and Red oriental rug

My clients for this project are the sweetest family and were super fun to work with!  The husband found this rug at a flea market in Atlanta shortly after college for less than $100!  Yes, you read that right - less than $100!  (It is a hand-knotted oriental wool rug.  Rugs of this quality usually sell for a much higher price!)  The rug has traveled with them from apartments, to condos, to houses, from Charleston, SC to Richmond, VA.  It surely has witnessed many memories and has many stories to tell.  It is truly a Story Piece, and I think with their updated living room, it will continue it's life with this family for many more years to come.

Richmond Living Room

When they first moved in to the house 4 years ago, we selected the paint color - Sherwin Williams Sleepy Blue 6225 - to coordinate perfectly with the rug.  Using the rug as the inspiration piece and the blue walls as a backdrop, we moved forward with an 'updated, family-friendly room' as the end goal.  They have two young daughters and needed a space that would endure sticky hands, but that would also feel grown-up enough to entertain and socialize with family and friends. 

grey sofa

They wanted to keep the sofa neutral, so we selected a grey sofa to anchor the room.  We were able to find the perfect grey that has just the right amount of a blue undertone in order for it to tie into the rug and walls.  The straight lines and tufted back cushions give the sofa a modern vibe.

grey sofa & blue pillows

Once the sofa fabric was selected, we moved on to the other fabrics in the room.  For truly personalized chairs and custom pillows, we selected a mix of geometric patterns - some with soft lines, and some more linear - that reflect the family's personalities.

navy blue arm chair

I love the shape of this arm chair - the curved arms, the deep seat, and the angular legs!  It has a mid-century vibe to it, and the navy geometric print layered with the sunburst pillows are a perfect pair.


We mixed and matched shapes and finishes for the side tables, coffee table, lamps, and other accessories in the room.  The geometric detail on this chest not only adds detail to the chest itself, but it also gives a nod to the other geometric patterns in the room.

bone coffee table

The round coffee table, a round side table, and the round mirror above the mantel all help to soften the rectangular shape and other straight lines in the room.

Richmond living room

Gone are the days of having to use only one finish in a room (i.e. all brushed nickel).  A variety of finishes adds depth and interest to any space.  In this living room, we used a combination of gold (lamps and accessories), brass (mirror and window treatment hardware), and iron (legs of the coffee table and round side table, and accessories).  The mix of finishes keeps the eye moving and makes the room feel lived-in and approachable.  In order to keep the room tied together and not have anything feel out of place, I made sure to use each finish more than once.  

Custom Window Treatments

I feel like I'm saving the best for last by giving you the close-up of the custom window treatments.  The soft navy and grey waves on the fabric are the perfect combination of white space, color, and pattern.  And the hardware! - the vintage brass finish and the shape of the French pole are  What a difference it made in the room when they were installed!  These window treatments are one of the personalized elements of the room that make the space feel unique and custom.

Richmond living room

I love the way this living room turned out, and I'm so happy that my clients love it too!  It is the first room one sees when walking into their home, and I was honored to deliver them a space that they are proud to share with their friends and family.  By using the existing rug and layering in a mix of patterns and finishes, this living room has become a functional, beautiful, and meaningful space that tells the story of this lovely family.

Photos by Beth Furgurson Photography

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