4th of July

Happy 4th of July ~  I hope everyone has a wonderful Independence Day! I’ve pulled together a few items from Etsy that would bring a bit of that patriotic feeling into your home all year long.

Add a punch of color and playfulness to any room with one of these fireworks pieces of art.

fireworks photo

Fireworks photo by Happee Monkee ($35)

fireworks painting

Giclee print of an original fireworks painting by EBN Art Studio ($20)

fireworks painting

Fireworks of the Heart abstract painting, original acrylic on canvas, 48” x 60” from Obnoxious Art ($1,280)

 These fun fireworks pillows would look great on a deck or sun porch.  From Fine Pillow Covers ($20).

fireworks pillow

Keep warm in the winter with this red and blue quilt from Jenny M’s Quilts ($150).

red & blue quilt

Lanterns are a great accessory and can be used inside or outside.  At just $10 each, you could afford to purchase a few of them from Mr. Beasley’s.

red & blue lantern

I fell in love with these cupcake stands from Whitney Smith Pottery ($38 each).  They would be adorable as part of a tablescape for cupcakes, but would also work as candle holders.  I think they’re just as cute by themselves too!

cupcake stands

Happy 4th of July!

º What’s your favorite part about Independence Day – the cookouts, the baseball, the fireworks?

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Style Trend ~ Neon

Clothing and decorating trends usually echo each other – whatever is hot in fashion, is hot in home décor.  This year we have seen a return to the 80’s with neon colors leading the way. neon inspiration board

neon color board

When using neon colors in your home’s décor, you want to be sure to use it in moderation.  Using too much neon would probably give you a headache:

neon bedroom

I’ve found some great neon pieces that you could easily add to your home.  If chosen wisely, and mixed and matched appropriately, your neon accents would look chic for quite some time.

One easy way to freshen a room is to change out the pillows.  With their modern patterns and fun color combinations, these pillows would brighten any living room or bedroom.

neon pillows

neon pillows

Ceramic animals are everywhere right now.  Choose one or two of these brightly colored birds to add a fun pop on a bookshelf or mantel.

neon ceramic birds

ceramic birds

Pick a piece of furniture – a coffee table, side tables, the back of bookshelves, etc. – and paint it to add a bright color in an unexpected way.

table with yellow legs

yellow table

These hot pink chairs would be adorable paired with a white tulip table in a breakfast nook.

hot pink chair

hot pink chairs

For a unique centerpiece that would coordinate with the white table and pink chairs in the breakfast nook, add a few DIY vases and fill them with beautiful blooms .

neon vases

twine wrapped vases; paint swirl vases & instructions

Another DIY project is to take old frames and spray paint them whatever color you choose.  They can be used to hold artwork or photos, or keep them empty and group them together to serve as the artwork.

turquoise frames

turquoise frames

A brightly colored piece of artwork would surely be the centerpiece of any room.  You can find neon art in any style - traditional, modern, abstract - and in any medium – photos, paintings, prints – so choose one that fits with the rest of your décor.

neon art

green spider mum photobirds photo collage; blue rose; hot pink ampersand; ‘Jardim’ graphic print

Here are two good options for neon light fixtures.  I love the texture on both the lamp and the pendant light.  (Do you recognize the orange pendant light?  I used it in a mood board for a chic girl’s bedroom.)

neon light fixtures

green lamp; orange pendant light

Another way to bring the neon trend into your home is through an area rug.  In both of these rooms, the rug adds a punch of color to the space.  Alternating the floor tiles between bright and neutral colors allows you to switch out the bright ones when you are ready for a change.

neon rugs

purple and tan area rug; multi-colored runner

A few tips for using neon colors in your home:

  1. Moderation is the key!  Find a few fun pieces that will coordinate with the rest of your home.
  2. Neon colors pair well with soft neutrals – greys and tans.  They can also work with black and white.  Depending on the space though, that could be too harsh of a contrast.
  3. Choose pieces that can easily be switched out when you are ready for a change.
  4. Moderation is the key!

º Which neon piece is your favorite? º How would you bring neon into your home?

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Fun With Fabrics

The right mix of fabrics can take a room from ordinary to extraordinary. sarahs-cottage-guestroom-west-image1

Sarah Richardson

When designing a room, I start by thinking about 3 things:

  1. the function of the room
  2. the feeling the room should convey – casual, elegant, sophisticated, relaxed, etc.
  3. the color scheme

Once these items are determined, I find my design inspiration through fabrics and let the room evolve from there.  I love to mix and match fabrics to create the perfect combination for the room.  Depending on the room, there can be anywhere from 3-4 fabrics, all the way up to 10-12 fabrics.

I recently helped my mom choose fabrics for their family room.

blue fabric combo

She knew she wanted to use shades of blue in the room to play off the blue and yellow color scheme she has in the adjoining kitchen.  We both fell in love with the beautiful floral embroidered fabric and used that as our starting point.  From there, we chose a polka dot, a stripe, and a French blue chenille.

blue fabric combo

We determined where to use each fabric based on their patterns and durability.

Chenille ~ settee & banding on window valances Stripe ~ window valances Floral ~ pillows Polka dot ~ side chair & pillows

The fabrics coordinate perfectly with their neutral couch and soft wall color.  By updating a few pieces in the room with beautiful fabrics, we were able to refresh the space and give them a room they love!

To put together a few more fabric combinations, I headed to the Designers Market (a wholesale showroom to the trade) for their wide selection of fabrics.

The first combination:

purple fabric combination

I always pick one fabric to be the starting point.  In this combination, the striped fabric caught my eye.  I (of course ;)! ) was drawn to the purple in the color palate, but the other colors, and the stripe pattern keep it from feeling too feminine.

After choosing the striped fabric, I wanted to find fabrics that would pull in the colors of the pattern.  The paisley fabric was the perfect, soft shade of yellow to coordinate with the stripes.  Next, I found the purple geometric pattern, and completing the combination is a solid purple glazed linen.

purple fabric combination

Now, you might be thinking: “These are pretty, but how would I use them?”

A perfect location for this combination would be a sunroom.

Stripes ~ pillows & banding on window treatments Yellow Paisley ~ window treatments Purple Geometric ~ 2 chairs Purple Glazed Linen ~ upholstered ottoman / coffee table

Add a neutral couch and a light aqua color on the walls, and voilà , a cheerful sunroom!

For the next combination, I wanted to create an elegant and neutral palate.

neutral fabric combo

I started with the taupe and cream damask print (bottom right).  The embroidery on this fabric was absolutely beautiful!  To complement the damask, I chose the cream and taupe scalloped design.  Next, I found a silk stripe to balance the two embroidered prints.  As an unexpected touch to round out the combination, I chose a shimmery cream fabric, with a subtle geometric texture.

neutral fabric combo

Although neutral, this combination of fabrics is anything but boring!  I envision this as an elegant and sophisticated dining room, yet one that is chic and timeless.

Damask ~ backs of host and hostess chairs, and framed as artwork Scallop ~ backs of side chairs Stripes ~ floor length window panels Geometric ~ fronts & seats of chairs, and a runner for a buffet

A neutral wall color and a lovely chandelier would complete this stylish dining room.

For the last combination, I wanted to choose fabrics that could be used in a child’s room.

Modern Colors colorful fabric combo

I first saw the striped fabric and liked the modern color palate.  The white and coral lattice work fabric brings in a bigger scale to the combination.  The lime green dotted ikat print is fun and playful.  Lastly, the blue and tan mini chevron pattern adds a touch of sophistication.

Modern Colors colorful fabric combo

This combination of fabrics could be used for a boy or a girl, and would grow with the child from infancy through the teenage years.

Stripes ~ bean bag chair & pillows Lattice ~ window treatments Ikat ~ upholstered headboard Chevron ~ seat for a desk chair & pillows

Painted furniture and a fun rug would make any child happy with this room!

When working with fabrics it is important to keep in mind the scale of the pattern, what the fabric is made of, and the texture of the fabric.  Creating a unique mix of fabrics will make your room beautiful and memorable.   Start with a pattern you love and grow your palate from there.

If you don’t know where to start, or get stuck in the process, call me to help you create a room that you will love!

(All fabrics are available to the trade from the Designers Market.)

º What is your favorite fabric combination from the 4 above? º Do you have a fabric in your home that you love & created a room around?

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Flowers in the Home

Spring is my favorite season!  I love the warmer weather, the longer days, and, most of all, the beautiful flowers that bloom every year.  It’s so nice to go from the greys of winter to the colorful rainbow the new season brings. tulips

Flowers in our front yard.

As daffodils and tulips pop up outside, I also enjoy bringing flowers inside to add a touch of the season to our rooms.

Flowers are a beautiful accent to any interior space and can be used all over the house throughout the year.  Whether you prefer arrangements that are traditional or modern, multi-colored or all one color, flowers always create a lovely accessory for any room.

flowers in the home

1. Peonies in a bedroom; 2. Wildflowers on a window sill; 3. Gerbera daisies in a dining room; 4. Lilac in a bathroom

When looking for flowers for everyday use or for special occasions, my go-to shop is Flowers Make Scents in Midlothian, VA.

Flowers Make Scents

At the shop, the friendly and knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you with whatever you may need.  When you first walk in you will be greeted by their cooler full of beautiful blooms, just waiting to be placed in the perfect arrangement.

Flowers Make Scents cooler

They also create unforgettable bouquets, tablescapes, and displays for weddings and other special events.

Flowers Make Scents weddings

Flowers Make Scents isn’t just for flowers though.  Stop in to find adorable home accessories and accents for yourself or as a thoughtful gift.  Right now, they are stocked for Easter and spring.

Flowers Make Scents home accessories

Shari and the team at Flowers Make Scents were gracious enough to let my sister Beth (of Beth Furgurson Photography) and I into the shop for an afternoon so that we could capture a few of their beautiful arrangements and share them with you. They created a variety of arrangements to show that no matter your taste, beautiful flowers are always in style!

The first arrangement is a traditional multi-bloom arrangement.

Flowers Make Scents traditional arrangement

The all-white arrangement is stunning and sophisticated.  I can see this used in an entry foyer or on a dining room buffet.  From New Year’s through Christmas this classic style can be used all year long.

The second arrangement is more modern in style.

Flowers Make Scents modern floral arrangement

The combination of the three spring flowers (hyacinth, daffodils, and tulips) makes this arrangement perfect for Easter and spring.  Use it as a focal point on a mantel, or place it on your bedroom dresser to greet you each morning.

The next arrangement uses only one type of flower, yet it is simply stunning.

Flowers Make Scents hydrangeas

The blooms of this antique hydrangea were so full it only took two stems to fill the vase!  To create an incredibly dramatic centerpiece, display three of these arrangements on a dining room table.  Another idea would be use these beauties in your guest room to welcome out of town visitors.

For the last arrangement, they designed this colorful bouquet.

This arrangement combines some of my favorite flowers – gerbera daisies, lisianthus, orchids, and daffodils – to create a cheerful piece.  I can see this arrangement on a kitchen table or in a sunny breakfast nook.  Or, if you’re like me, carry it with you from room to room to enjoy throughout the house ;).

Cut flowers are not the only option available when wanting to bring a touch of the outside into your home.  Plants are another way to add greenery to your space.  Place them in a cute pot or in a basket with a bow to complete the look.

Flowers Make Scents plants

If you have allergies, or want to have your arrangements stay fresh for longer than a week or two, Flowers Make Scents also has a beautiful selection of silk flowers.

Flowers Make Scents silks

When created by a knowledgeable professional, silk flower arrangements can be a gorgeous, long-lasting accessory for your home.

Flowers Make Scents silk arrangement

Thank you so much to Shari and the team at Flowers Make Scents for having us at the shop and for providing the fabulous arrangements!

Thank you also to Beth for helping me accurately capture the beauty of these flowers!

Head on over to facebook to check out and ‘like’ their pages  – Flowers Make Scents & Beth Furgurson Photography.

I hope we’ve provided you with some inspiration for using flowers in your home.

º What is your favorite flower? º Where in your home do you like to place arrangements?

*Comment on this post with your answers for a chance to win a $20 Flowers Make Scents gift certificate. A big thank you to Shari, owner of Flowers Make Scents, for donating the gift certificate!

(Winner will be chosen at random.  One entry per person.  Comments must be posted by Saturday, March 31, 2012 at midnight to be eligible for the gift certificate.)

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Antiquing in Boone, NC

This weekend, Andrew and I went to Boone, NC, for a reunion weekend with his Appalachian State friends.  Boone is a beautiful town, and although it is normally still chilly this time of year, the weather was quite enjoyable. Boone, NC

I asked Andrew to schedule some time for us to explore a few antique shops while we were there.  The first one we stopped at was Vintage Vilas (website & facebook).

Vintage Vilas

In front of the store, they had an antique buggy.  I have never seen one like it before, so I was excited to see what other gems they had inside!

antique buggy

The first thing we saw inside the store was this 40’s diner set.

40s diner set

I’ve been thinking that when we (someday) have a house with a breakfast nook, it would be fun to furnish it with a 40’s or 50’s diner set or booth.  Andrew is not yet convinced of this decorating plan (although I know he’ll come around ;) ), but he always loves a good deal.  At only $99 for the whole set, I was almost able to persuade him to bring this one home!

This ‘shabby / chic’ white kitchen cupboard / cabinet was only $40!  It needed a little love – probably some reinforcement on the inside, but overall it was in good shape.  I can see it used in any number of rooms ~ kitchen, entryway, guestroom, bathroom.

antique kitchen cupboard

Because we are getting ready to paint our dining room peacock blue, these feathers caught my eye ($49.95 for the whole bouquet).

peacock feathers

These three children’s desks were only $85 total (her prices were fantastic!).  They would be cute in a playroom.

childrens desks

I loved the details on this oak sideboard.  The ‘x’ on the doors and the spindle legs add such interest to the piece. ($249)

Oak sideboard

One of the most unique items at Vintage Vilas was the Star Trek pinball machine ($1300).  It actually does work (I may or may not have played a game or two).  Who doesn’t need a pinball machine in their basement?

Star Trek pinball machine

From Vintage Vilas, we headed to King Street – the ‘main drag’ in Boone – and explored Appalachian Antiques.

Appalachian Antiques

Here, they had quite a few knick-knacks, such as these character glasses that reminded me of ones we had growing up.

cartoon glasses

They did have quite a few items, though, that caught my eye.  One of the first pieces I saw was this old wooden cart.  It would be perfect for an industrial looking coffee table ($495).

old wood coffe table, cart

In Boone, there are many rustic furniture pieces.  They have a distinct woodland look to them, and this branch chair and stool are a perfect example.  While not right for our Richmond, VA, home, in any cabin in Boone, it would fit right in. ($210 for the chair and stool)

branch chair

After taking the picture of the branch chair, I turned to the next booth and was greeted by this guy!  Well, hello there, Mr. Giraffe.  He made me giggle, so I had to take a picture of him.  For a mere $695, you could have your very own authentic carousel giraffe (or is it a horse?).

Carousel giraffe

Old trunks and suitcases are very popular right now.  I’m not sure that this one would travel well, but cleaned-up, it would make a fun dress-up wardrobe for a little girl ($145).

wardrobe trunk

Next, we saw this cast iron, claw foot bathtub (on sale for $195).  With a fresh coat of paint on the outside, it would be a great focal point in a bathroom.

cast iron bathtub

It reminded me of this one Sarah Richardson painted in Season 3 of Sarah’s House.

Sarah Richardson yellow bathtub

One more interesting piece we saw was this old electric stove ($995).  The tag said that it is in working condition!

old electric stove

While we did not end up buying anything, we had a great time exploring the shops in Boone.

º What is your favorite antique or consignment store? º What is your most exciting find?

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New Year, New Tile

I’ve been helping a client pick out new tile to surround their fireplace, so I headed to Mosaic Tile Company to search for options.  I loved being in the tile showroom and seeing all of their samples and displays.  There are so many things to do with tile and I left the showroom filled with ideas and inspiration. The tile we picked for their fireplace is a beautiful glass tile that picks up the colors and tones of their existing décor.  I can’t wait to see it installed!

Hirsch glass tile

One new product in tile is ‘Wood-Look’ tile.  Yes, tile that looks like wood!  Wood-look tile provides the look of hardwood, but the durability of tile.

I love how it was used in this kitchen, both on the floor and as part of the backsplash.

(All room photos from Mosaic Tile Company’s website.)

Wood-look tile kitchen

Wood-look tile, kitchen backsplash

Another unique option is Metal tile.  Metal tile adds shimmer to the space, while also creating a contemporary feel.

metal tile in a kitchen

The navy accent tile along the top of this backsplash adds a touch of warmth and interest to the design.

metal tile kitchen backsplash

Tile is also commonly used in bathrooms.  Have you ever thought of using a medallion to create a ‘rug’ out of tile?

bathroom tile medallion rug

I love glass tile in a bathroom!  There are so many beautiful colors choices, with the option of an iridescent shimmer.

glass tile stripes in a bathroom

If you prefer something more earthy, how about river rock tile to add texture to the space?

River Rock tile in a bathroom

Aside from kitchens and baths, tile can also be used in entryways to create a beautiful welcome into the home.  (Tuscan clay tile)

Tuscan Clay Tile Entry

Don’t forget about the exterior of the home.  Patios and exterior entryways can also be locations to showcase design and creativity with tile. (Efesus Travertine tile)

Travertine Stone Exterior patio

These examples only scratch the surface of tile options and ideas.  If you need more inspiration, visit a local showroom, like Mosaic Tile, or call me :)!

º Are you planning any tile projects for 2012?

(Disclaimer: I was not paid or perked by Mosaic Tile Company to write this post.  I was simply inspired by their showroom, and have enjoyed my experiences with their friendly and helpful staff.)