Design Philosophy


I am often asked, “What is your approach to design?”  It is an always-evolving answer that combines trends, my own personal experiences, and the client’s needs and wants.  One thing that stays constant is this: I see the world in color.  Everywhere I go, I notice colors, patterns, and shapes.  These elements help to inspire my projects and room designs.  When it comes to my personal life, I mentally assign my friends and family a color that is ‘their color’.  It represents who they are, their personality, and what makes them unique. 

The most perfect example I can share of this approach are the nurseries I designed for our two boys.  The two versions of the same room have come to reflect each of our boys’ personalities.  Boy #1 will forever be ‘navy blue’ in my head – rich and bold, strong, and full of depth.  Boy #2 will carry the light green and gray with him – he is more sensitive and observant, soft and cuddly, yet ready to explore the world as his woodland theme suggests.

With clients, I work to discover who they are and what their color story is.  Mixing and matching colors, patterns, shapes, and scales are the visual elements that bring a room to life and make each space unique.

Story pieces

We all have things we love that we have collected over time: vases we’ve found in antique stores, our grandmother’s dining table, a painting purchased from a street vendor on a honeymoon, photographs of cherished moments.  I call these our ‘story pieces’ as they tell the story of our lives – past, present, and future.  When working with clients, I work to uncover their most treasured story pieces and seamlessly incorporate them into the design plan.